Youth hockey team took the bronze medal! Well done!

Russian national hockey team made up of players under 20 years old, won the bronze medal culminating in Ufa Youth World Championship.

In the consolation final of the tournament hosts in a tense struggle to prevail over the ancestors of hockey in Canada, having won its principal rivals in overtime 6-5. Scored the winning goal striker Valeri Nichushkin.

As part of the winners was marked duplicate of Captain Nail Yakupov and Alexander Khokhlachiov, Cyril Clerks and Eugene Moser.

Thus wards Michael Varnakova took revenge Canadians for the defeat in the group stage.

We add that the "Maple Leaves" for the first time in 14 years left without medals youth championship of the world.



0:1 Khokhlachiov (Clerks, Yarullin) 3:31
0:2 Yakupov (Yarullin Nesterov) 4:56
1:2 Nugent-Hopkins (Sheyfele) 6:58 GB
1:3 Clerks (Weaver) 7:54
2:3 Yuberdo (Nugent-Hopkins, Murphy) 15:51 GB  
3:3 Sheyfele (Nugent-Hopkins, Rayelli) 23:16 GB
3:4 Moser (Shalunov) 24:23
4:4 Murphy (Nugent-Hopkins, Yuberdo) 32:53
4:5 Yakupov (Kapustin) 41:50 GB
5:5 Ritchie (Harrington) 50:46
5:6 Nichushkin (Sergeev) 61:35

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