Youth project Highway 110 kicked off Vladivostok — Nakhodka — Russian — Khabarovsk

Members of the youth project Highway 110 has been to Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Russian island, Khabarovsk. The story of the youth of the Far East. Interesting observations, unusual camera angles …

It's Vladivostok — there anywhere port!

23 and 24 July a group of guys who can not sit still, has popped up from St. Petersburg to Vladivostok, committed, so to speak "off the hook" in Vladivostok. And fly away full.

When we were flying, it seemed that 8:00 — Time for some unreal. And the distance giant, which, truth to tell what is still hard to imagine! Alternating one after the other time zones …. I did not understand, if we had a night? And here we are at the other end of the country.

And what we were met Vladivostok? A group of guys who flew on July 24, a tropical downpour, soaked from which all things, including in backpacks. And we who have arrived on the 25th, he met the air is so humid that you can not tell if this is a super-mega tangible mist, or a permanent minute rain. Sometimes, the rain became very real. And so it may happen ten times a day. But the locals it does not seem to care much. They do not notice it at all.

Vladivostok — the city of climbs and descents, where you will not meet any cyclist. City drizzle, 70 percent humidity, constant pryskotni from the sky, rain will not name any way … this is pryskotnya of heavenly spray. City undecided nationality and right-hand drive cars. City, rightly takes pride of place in the lineup, Peter — London. A beautiful city … 

Island in the Russianimpress the All! 

Riddle names — Russian. No organized tours we did not have, because the absolute freedom of interpretation remain. I guessed the riddle all day.

The road to the island is via two grand cable-stayed bridge that look only at first glance. Nothing I have not seen and did not involve such in our homeland. (Once again, convinced how little I know about my country). First, second and even a third opinion persistently refer to the bridge, "Golden Gate" in America. And in general, when the evening discussing the impressions of the day, the guys through one said that the island reminded them raznyestrany: Brazil, Cuba, Greece, Italy, the Crimean coast … So why is it Russian?

Visited Novoseltsevskuyu battery. Unusually good-looking monument defense of the city. The guns without a hint of rust. Here in St. Petersburg will not find this, Kronstadt forts in ruins. Wonderful view on the left — the bridge, on the right — the Sea of Japan. The islands, ships … By slowly passed the submarine. As rightly noticed the guys — "it is not every day you see ….. and every year." Then we swam in the Eastern Bosphorus. How is it sounds proudly!) And yes, Vladivostok has shown us that he can be sunny. Of surprise we all got burned together.

Then we parted ways, someone immersed in the vastness of the Russian island, while others went back to the mainland. I was among the second group. No regrets, because the city itself seemed to us quite a different side in the sun, even the place where we were already many times. And we have seen how the sun was setting in a cloud of ships standing on the roads in anticipation of the festivities.
What is the result of reflection? Maybe the Russian island does not justify its name? No, on the contrary — in my submission — fits him completely. Today, the island has given me the opportunity to see those aspects of Russia, which I had never known before. The ocean, the Pacific Fleet! Vladivostok — this is a true port — no matter where you look, everywhere pier and boats, lighthouses and salt spray in the air. Bridges! Isle of Russian glory, perhaps. Not too pompous? Island embodies everything that does not occur to a resident of the European part of Russia, when he thinks about the motherland.
He also added its climate puzzle diversity Russian nature. Do we have any, and such too.

"This is a gem!"

A trip to Nakhodka was not planned in advance, but only 170 kilometers from Vladivostok. Oh, I know that the 4-hour bus ride goes through the pass! Came closer to the night, and we had a lovely tour of the night city.

We learned that the Nakhodka — the southernmost city in the east of Russia. Located around the bay of the same name Nakhodka Bay. By the way, the origin of the place name is completely transparent: some Americans to escape the storm, took refuge in the bay, which proved to be so safe that they exclaimed: "This is a godsend".
Founded as a hydrographic office. Again, the port city. In many ways similar to Vladivostok, but in a reduced form and relaxed: the climate is pleasant due to the encircling hills.

The city can be reached from one end of Nakhodka on the avenue. On it are the main attractions.

Chapel bell tower at Swan hill — one of the highest places of Nakhodka, so on most cards and magnets can see it! And the reason for the construction was, again, quite prosaic: this hill, not reaching the top, a mosque was built, and that's built a chapel on the top, in order to establish the triumph of Orthodoxy on this earth!

The next day we had an excursion on warships. White Court with the proud words "Coast Guard" and equally proud bird named "Falcon", "The Raven," "Condor" regularly go for a month in the Sea of Japan and punish trespassers and poachers!

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On the way to the port could see the city from a height of one of the hills (view from both sides of the road)
Ships leave for a month, catch any bad uncles and take them prisoner … No women on board not because of bad omens, but because it is very difficult conditions.

"Falcon" from the inside.

I first saw a map that is marked up water, not the mainland!

Another superb: crib with silhouettes of enemy (poaching, for example) ships.

The determinant force gust of wind.

Thanks to Vladivostok for the wonderful experience!
Goodbye to the glorious Pacific port of Vladivostok, we went to Khabarovsk. It should be noted that every day we become more and more.

Khabarovsk is different

What to say about Khabarovsk? Read here

To be continued …

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