YOUTH SQUAD losing in a bitter struggle

  Teams made a real thriller in Vladikavkaz, giving fans a vivid emotions and coaches — nervous 90 minutes. Unfortunately, luck was not on the side of the "Rostov" on this day.

 And it started to yellow-blue very well. Already in the first minute Kurbanov advantage of the transfer of the depth Tsopanova ahead and sent the ball into the net! A great start! Could it get better after only three minutes. All the same Kurbanov won a penalty, the ball went Sergey Tumasyan, but his shot over the bar.

 "Rostov" It took a long time to recover. While this was happening, "Alania" managed to come out ahead. First Hubulov perfectly realized the penalty area, struck from 23 meters to the corner and then a luxurious long-range shot failed Gusalova. The ball bounced in front of treacherously Solovyov and ducked into a corner.

 Toward the middle of the time visitors leveled the game after that and did seized the initiative. The result was the second goal advantage Kurbanov scored after a sumptuous transfer Tumasyan, rehabilitated for Missed penalty.

 Immediately after the break, "Alania" managed to come out ahead. Corner led to what Gusalov brilliantly played ahead of the curve and struck the gate Solovyov head.

 Wards Tumasyan over the remaining time until the end of the match desperately tried to save the game, and not once were close to it. But the ball was not flying hard into the goal, hitting the crossbar, crossbar, and sometimes above the alignment.

 In the end, the victory was for the owners, who were equal game a little luckier.

"Alania" — "Rostov" — 3:2 (2:2)

Goals: Kurbanov 1 (0:1) Khubulov, 10 (1:1) Gusalov, 29 (2-1), Kurbanov, 35 (2-2) Gusalov, 53 (3:2)

"Alania" (Vladikavkaz) Tsopanov, Mamah (Kachmazov, 46), Tskhovrebov, Doguzov, Dzutsev (Bugulov, 65), Gogichaev, Gusalov (Ikoeva, 84), borax (Dzalaev 70), Hubulov (APCO 59), Golishev, Ohanian (Alkhazov, 46 )

"Rostov" (Rostov-on-Don) Soloviev, Mit'kin, Shustikov, Leschikov, Mironik, Bayramyan (Solonukha, 90), Vasiliev (A. Tumasyan) Kurbanov (Kabanov, 76), Sugak (Gubanov, 46)

Warning: Bayramyan, 69 — unsporting behavior

Judge: K. Nikish (Kropotkin)

September 17. Vladivkaz. Stadium "Spartak". Spare field. 500 spectators. + 26 degrees


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