A beautiful legend of the Black Lady

Long ago, in a luxurious castle lived Barbara Radziwill. She had not only external beauty but internal, besides she was very intelligent and educated. In her spare time, she wrote poetry, dreaming of a charming prince.

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One day, fate presented her a gift — a meeting with the Lithuanian Grand Duke Sigismund Augustus. It had a strong sense of light. Despite the prohibitions of parents, lovers secretly married and continued to enjoy every minute of their happiness. After the death of King Sigismund II Augustus decided to introduce my wife to a diet, but instead delight the young queen, nobles demanded the immediate dissolution of the marriage.

But the king insisted and said: "I made a vow to his wife, and while I did not break, God will take care of me. For me, this oath is most precious in the world. "

Mother of Sigismund II Augustus, the hated wife of his son, because she had the power and the love that so generously bestowed upon her king. In a fit of anger, she decided to murder and daughter poisoned apple.

The death of a lovely young Queen came at once, she had long suffered and died in the arms of a loved one.
The king, after the funeral, threw all the cases, and the days of seat near the portrait of the queen. Looked at him and asked her to come just for a moment. Once, he even resorted to magicians and ordered to call her soul. Appearing, beauty held out her hand and he touched them …

There was thunder, lightning flashed, and the white figure of the queen had disappeared. But Sigismund II Augustus loved her very much and could not let go, even after death. That's why her spirit remained on the ground and settled in Nesvizhsky Radzvillov castle, where the death of a loved waiting for the order to be together again.

Unfortunately, the king died suddenly, and the castle was never returned. The spirit of a beautiful queen Barbara still appears at the castle in mourning clothes, waiting as her lover back.

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