A descendant of Nostradamus: A world without Russia will not win a war with the murderers from the East




Recently celebrated the 500th anniversary of the birth of the great medieval astrologer predictor of Michel Nostradamus. This man, who had predicted in the XVI century, a revolution in Russia, the emergence of Napoleon and Islamic terrorism, the subject of hundreds of books on his method of astrology defend dissertations, and researchers have created thousands of methods for decoding its predictions. Today in Paris, operates astrological "Center of Nostradamus", which are only descendants of Michel — a total of 20 people. Head of the center 62-year-old Michel Nostradamus Jr. says with pride that he had been testing DNA to prove that the famous soothsayer really is his ancestor. At the request of the "AIF" he agreed to answer our question, whether the validity of the prophecies of Nostradamus, a senior.

Bin Laden did not predict
— You have no idea how much time it takes me to deny the fact that people attribute the prophecies of Nostradamus. For example, in his predictions, there is not a single word about the September 11 attack in New York, but you can discover thousands of websites on the internet and read: "Two brothers fall, slain by iron birds in the New Town." It is completely invented. Or today I saw on sale the book "The Prophecies of Nostradamus for 2005" — nonsense! My ancestor never made predictions specifically data. They left one hundred so-called "Centuries" with encrypted quatrains — quatrains, and only then, people have tried to clarify the particular year are his predictions.

Hitler himself, as it turns out, is also in doubt — still not known: whether Nostradamus predicted it, or not. Some interpreters of the quatrains believed that the forecaster called the Fuhrer name Giesler, but then it turned out that this was the word Hister — the ancient name of the mouth of the Danube. In the same quatrain (II.24) states that "the Great dragged along in a cage." That is why Adolf Hitler closely studied and is also considered Nostradamus quatrain is dedicated to him, so feared in 1945 that Stalin will send it in a cage in Moscow for the amusement of the audience. However, as for Napoleon, here Nostradamus Jr. sure that the prophecy is quite clear (quatrain II.29): «Man in the East will take his army will pass through the Apennines and delight Gaul. Pierce the sky, the water and the snow and all the imperial baton strike "- and it is true, is very similar to the return of Napoleon from Egypt in 1799.

The order for the General Secretary
— RESPECT Russia, as well as in relation to America, the predictions are not very many — believes Nostradamus Jr.. — These lands were far away, and Michelle little concrete about them knew. He mentions the "great northern country" and "country of the north wind" — almost all interpreters of the quatrains agree that this is Russia. He is afraid of its power, but also said that the West can not win without the "Great third war when the killers come from the East" — is not it, very similar to today's fight against Islamist terrorism? But the mention of the appearance of Putin and the fall of communist rule in Russia does not have. Although, in fact, to the rule of Stalin quite some quatrains are: "The beast from the north will drink of the river of blood, but the more he will kill her than the others, and executed them praise his will after his death."

The Catholic Church is suspicious of Nostradamus in life (it was officially recognized as a vision of the future only "Revelation"), after the death of his prophecy astrologer banned. Even then, his descendants problems began. And during the French Revolution, when the Jacobins opened the tomb of Michel and threw his bones, the media name in panic fled to England, Canada and even … in Russia — Empress Catherine II then took care of many French refugees. According to Nostradamus, Jr., on the Russian space footprints of his ancestors lost — he studied archival documents and interested Stradamin name, but rigorous evidence that the descendants of the famous soothsayer live in Russia now, is not found. Nostradamus came out of the shadows at the beginning of the XX century, when there was a boom of interest to the prophecies of their ancestor — before they were remembered only a narrow circle of astrologers.

— First of all, people forget: Nostradamus was just an astrologer has predicted that the future of the stars and planets. His "diocese" — global prophecy, and the specific horoscope it was only for those of royal blood. Michele was a vision in only once, when he fell to his knees in front of a simple monk, calling him "Your Holiness." After many years, this monk was Sixtus V — Pope. The most famous prediction of my ancestor — the death of King Henry II in a jousting tournament. After that, his fame and blossomed.

Have us now officials? Well, of Russia, just no one spoke, and in 1983 came the order from the Pentagon — to find out the location of the planets on how many survive the Soviet leader Andropov. But it's not a secret — in the U.S. (at least during the "Cold War") to work in the Ministry of Defence there were about a hundred astrologers and clairvoyants — it was a feature of the Reagan administration, who believed in such things.

Alas, we are not able to understand what is said in a particularly ominous quatrains — maybe it's already happened, and maybe it is we have yet to experience — says Nostradamus Jr.. — Of course, people who are confident in the fact that Michelle is predicted in the future, up to the daily weather forecast, quite a lot. And after a little bit of every significant event in the Internet continue to appear fake quatrains. Russia Nostradamus after much "riots" predicted "great prosperity", but again: we, unfortunately, can not determine exactly when this will happen.



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