A giant landslide completely erased area of La Paz

In the administrative capital of Bolivia, La Paz landslide destroyed 150 home. A giant landslide occurred in the collapse of the hillside, RIA "Novosti".

Residents were evacuated from the hill on February 26, when the slope is just beginning to break down. The next day, at night, he finally collapsed. Human sacrifice was avoided, but the city suffered considerable damage. Cause of the collapse of the hill were heavy rains.

Such incidents are not uncommon in the highlands, where the La Paz (the city is located at an altitude of 3640 m above sea level). Official capital of Bolivia is Sucre, but most government offices are located in major cities of La Paz.

In Bolivia, the frequent earthquakes. The last was in November of last year, its magnitude was 4.9 on the Richter scale. Tremor was recorded at a depth of 117.6 km.

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