A new combat system based on Boeing’s solid-state laser exceeds all expectations

A new combat system based on Boeing's solid-state laser exceeds all expectations
Pretty soon, the possibility of armed combat laser systems has risen several Fri due to successful testing and demonstration of U.S. military representatives of the latest laser solid system of Boeing. According disk imaging hosted representatives of Boeing, System Thin Disk Laser system shows the power output by 30 percent exceeding the design requirements, and the highest quality characteristics of the laser beam is possible to consider this system as the most experienced tactical laser weapons.

As necessary from its name, the system Thin Disk Laser (TDL) applied narrow disk laser, a type of solid-state lasers, was developed in the year 1990. Instead of the rods used in the vast majority of solid-state lasers as a working fluid used TDL-laser emitting coherent light of a layer of material whose thickness is several times, even several times of 10 s is less than the diameter of the beam of light emitted. This thin layer acts as a resonator soon as intensifier outer optical pumping and as a mirror reflecting the laser beam.

Thick foundation on which strengthened disk acts as a heat sink, rapidly discharging parasitic heat generated by the laser operation. Effective cooling allows significantly, at times, to increment the power and efficiency of solid-state laser. In the experimental system swatch Thin Disk Laser system used by Boeing not one big disk laser system consists of a large number of small industrial lasers, producing a high-energy beam of light.

According to the available disk imaging, the latest version of the laser system Boeing has laser beam power that is greater than 30 kW. This is 30 percent more than what is required under the terms of applets Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI) U.S. Department of Defense. «The latest demonstration confirms the viability of the idea of ​​the creation of the laser systems for military purpose» — Says Michael Rinn (Michael Rinn), vice president of Boeing and Managing Current applets — «In order to become a real tool of the latest generation of laser is required to have a higher power, while remaining highly efficient in terms of energy. And we were able to make a system that satisfies all requirements for output power of the laser beam quality and efficiency, which has at the moment, of course, after some modifications, can be used as a real laser guns. «

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