A new simple theory of gravitation

I will start from a distance, what would it became clear where they come from confidence in the rightness of the theory. Imagine a little weight, which is spinning around you. The faster you twist it the higher it rises in the end to reach 90 degrees. And further, how fast it will not spinning at the same 90g. If you imagine that this is our weight consists of many small Guirec and they all revolve on each of his rope. Turn in the form of the same weight, all together. What we see next, the speed with weights such that it took 90g. but those weights which are at the top and bottom are not optimal position occupied 90g. and pushes them towards the center of mass (this is true only to the weights that are above and below center).

Now imagine a hypothetical construct such. From that we twist the weight coming off another. The second is also spinning in turn around the first weight. quickly turning. obtained two rotations. So, in the center of the second weight in this case, zero gravity. At the center of the second weight no force. But on each slug (a point on the surface), the second weights, forces Pincher this point-iron weight to the center of the second weight.

Honestly, I was not sure that the second weight is in a weightless condition, provided the two rotations, but was obtained by calculations that could well.

So, I thought, maybe the earth — is a second weight and maybe not the second and the third because of normals can be many. I made that second. The first weight-sun.
Now look at all the planets in the solar system revolve around the sun on the same plane "on a plate" does not acknowledge this fact, "the hypothesis of weights." Force that keeps the planets in the solar system on a single plane, it is none other than the manifestation of the power of two perpendicular rotation — "two rig." Apparently the only place two perpendicular rotations are stable.

Then I started thinking, I wonder if there is a point around which the entire solar system and perpendicular! And threw all iti reasoning because he had no idea how to find it.

After half of the year saw the information about Lidskalnina, it became interesting. Looked all he napostroil in the castle. I was wondering why his telescope shows the North Star EVER!? How is that possible? And then I found out that all the stars vraschayutsya around the pole star. HERE IT CENTER around which all the saucer solar system! This is the point around which revolve two perpendicular. First the sun and the other planets of the solar system.

Lidskalnin was not a scientist and I very much doubt that he knew the information held by many who mentions the names of famous physicists. He identified PLOYARNUYU STAR as a very important point!. What's more I'm just sure of it! that the calculations that he was to move the stones used the position of the earth relative to the North Star, as the center of rotation of the solar system.

I made the assumption that if you rotate the body by selecting the location of the axis of rotation of the body, and in the right direction (clockwise / counterclockwise), you can use existing potentials (those that gives the rotation of the planets), not only to compensate for the "power of attraction of the small weights to the center" but also get a boost from such enormous centrifugal rotation as a rotation around the pole star or sun.

But no matter how much we rotated the disc will be nothing. The molecules of which it is made or ions will still move in their orbits are not circles around the axis defined by us. So our task to make the particles rotate around the axis of us desired. I am sure that Lidskalnin did just that. Has made this device with magnets or magnetic means electromagnetic fields — is achievable. and have for that CERN is not required.
I'll give a link to a video that demonstrates how to set the rotation could Lidskalnin particle around (about the axis of the particle) and set the position of the axis itself (tilt axis determined by the slope of the generatoga).
Saw these videos on YouTube. Now I only found this video. But he is also fully shows. See FOURTH on video with a compass (compass emits a particle) probably as a particle can act ion, or molecule of water can (it has polarity, I've heard).

"For the use of water read on the Internet that lidskalnin used it (warming spring inserted into blocks and poured water — vapor.)." — Do not argue with that, it just led to note that they knew.
See it at the bottom of the fourth video.

I was re-reading or rather see pictures Grebennikova again. And, what do you think he saw the same :)!
Grebennikov EVERYWHERE hints at the North Star. And really hints, not pulling the ears! But does not speak directly! Because I believe — this is key! He conceals kordinaty NORTH / SOUTH! Because they play a key role in his device! So again I was right — the rotation around the axis is determined — the key.

Friends, here are examples:

Flickering light yellow star further and further away from the top of a birch.
But we are not with Sergei see or hear these wonders. The whole day we counted bees and bumble bees in this vast field, crossing it over and over and down and marked with a cross in column of route sheets seen every insect — and all this under the scorching sun. We were very tired during the day.
Now we sleep.

1. In the night I suddenly opened my eyes: a large moth flutters its wings above the face. Then he flew to a branch, and touched the cold dew drops on the leaves drooping, and a soft "frrr" disappeared in the darkness.
Cool brightens the sky. Not any of the yellow star at the top of birch — and she went for another tree, or faded in a silvery mist of the short summer night.
The only star that does not change its location — Polar (or she left behind another tree, or faded in a silvery mist of the short summer night) Immediately drawing bucket which includes the North Star.

2. Chapter 2 yard. PHOTOGRAPHY with a bat!. In the upper left-hand corner is written "S"-SOUTH, on the opposite lower right N — North! But this is only notice it if you will specifically look for and where there may be a north / south. Pictures is a schematic layout, and bats do not just deployed, and not just because one is flying and the other just hanging out.

There were other signs in the pictures it, but they, too, were reduced to the problem of the origin or the north-south position relative to the sun — like a reflection of land on the moon … we can assume the position of the earth relative to the sun. (It is also very important, not least because: (say land rotates clockwise around the sun, if we were to rotate the particle clockwise around an axis parallel to the axis of the "sun-polar star" if it will be a night that will pull the particle away from the sun (ie up), and if the day right now, the sun — that is down towards the ground.) If shemku will be easier to draw it out.

I believe that his unit has assigned the particles spin which in turn (or destroyed or very fast testing centrifugal impulses are asking galaxy (perpendicular to the rotation) moved to create a vacuum in which the retractor — a platform or a portion thereof.

Now a little about Lidskalnine. His device is at least what we all know, "horned magnets wreath statue of liberty" that he knows how this millstone? I work at least know that it can rotate the substituted side near a magnet.
wheel can rotate sensitive to the magnetic particle pray in any desired axis of us (cant millstone asking the axis of rotation of the particle).
Sundial he probably did not watch any)) and the system that shows Lidskalninu the angle at which the sun is located in the ground for what would know which way to pull the stone under rotations of the particles.

t flying in the future I will say this. I suppose that if hypothetically be closer to the center of rotation to say the polar star, the earth will be a much greater distance as it is located on the periphery than we are, and come back then we can say that we flew into the future. By this, I assume that in the future may be not possible to know with the aid of the "Ivanovo airlines," but in the past I think it is impossible. Already molecules all have changed their places do not think that you can get them to take the former provisions
About budushee is superfluous hypothesis. Can it do not pay attention.
The rest is not just important. I honestly believe the rest is in God as the Pope.

it turns out that all matter — is the result of mutual rotation likely focused as I wrote.
If one of you to achieve what he wanted because of me, I will be very grateful, if any, will keep me informed of their victories!. Well, if anyone build a platform using my information, let me tell you what I would like also able to rejoice that I was right, and partake of the fruit :). You know how I want to be Copernicus.
It will be a breakthrough. Even without a breakthrough and absolute knowledge.

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