Abduction and return of the soul in shamanism

December 26, 2011 5:34

Educated person is not easy to realize that you can steal the soul. Christians and Muslims in general perceive the loss of the soul and return it back as shaman snares of the devil. Buddhists are also wary of shamanism. Since getting rid of the passion is not the purpose of shamans, they believe that this religion burdens karma and Drain Soul is nothing but an illusion, which is forced to wander the unenlightened mind.

What is a loss or theft of the soul and a shaman can not save him from imminent death? The shamans say that the soul is lost or stolen, if the person changes internally. This internal change can cause troubles, illness and even loss of life.

Even the average person can notice a change, because he who loses his behaves not as usual. Symptoms of soul loss can be a restless sleep, lethargy, drowsiness, inattention. Such signs may be an infinite number. The reason for this change is some experience, a situation about which one can not forget the mind keeps coming back to this experience, scrolls situation. Surrounding can not control the type of person using conventional methods, and the person becomes unable to control himself.

In this position, a person's attention is focused on one subject. A person is either in the past or in the future, and the present falls. At the everyday level it is quite simple to explain. We can unsettle the problem suddenly appeared in our lives. We can acutely experienced the death of loved ones, separation from loved ones, casual meetings, can something much frightened. But the main criterion for the shamans of losing our soul is the disappearance of inner strength "utha." Some people translate the word as a soul, but it is not entirely accurate. "Utha" — the vital energy of a person, to which attention is the channel formed by memories of man. Paying attention to anything, we share with this subject, event, experience the energy. When we remember something from what has happened in our lives, part of our soul with the energy remains in the past with no supervision.

By conviction shamans than people in the world still live and spirits, which requires energy. It is this energy that is left unattended, but the connection with the person they are eaten. Gradually, they can open a channel completely empty man, to deprive him of energy. Then the man starts to hurt or dies. It is these cases are called the loss of the soul followed the kidnapping. In pure form, Drain Soul is purposeful action on the part of others. It's pretty easy to do. Enough to remind a person of the incident, to return it to the bright feelings. So did the black shamans who wanted to subjugate the people.

But the kidnapping of the soul there is another interesting point. Drain Soul in other words, the pumping power of one "vessel" in the other. But there is a reverse process in which the victim becomes the predator. It all depends on the internal forces. If a person is spirit energy, it gets guardian spirit. If the attacker was a black shaman, a man managed to redirect the energy absorption process, the shaman dies. Most often this happens with shamans. Usually, the person needs to interrupt the channel and re-establish themselves eating, sleeping and working. In the practice of shamanism use different rituals to break the channel. It is generally believed that all the money that can distract people's attention from the experience vivid experiences are good, even the mat.

Shaman can use, for example, such a ritual. Lost soul lies down on the floor, and the shaman is ready to travel for the missing part of the soul. Before this trip with your hands or a rattle shaman divides nodes voltage and makes diagnosis of human suffering. Then he goes right up next to the man and sent to the sound of drums in the lower world. Traditionally, this trip takes 15 to 30 minutes.

There, the shaman must find the animal forces of human suffering, which symbolizes the lost part of the soul. Sense of recognition helps him determine the correct animal. If these feelings do not appear, the animal is taken, appeared four times during the trip. Cold-blooded animals and insects represent the disease, so they do not take. When the animal is found strength, the shaman enters into negotiations with him. He must obtain the consent of the animal and get a message to the person who has lost his soul. The message should help solve the problem or cure. It can be a specific recommendation or metaphor. When the message and go to the consent of the animal to its owner received a shaman force presses the animal to the heart and kills him. It looks like tightly clasped hands pressed against his chest. Within this scoop is the energy an animal.

In order to transfer the energy to man, a shaman greatly puts scoop palms on his chest and blows through the crack between the palms brought animal power. Then, the same action is repeated injection of energy through the top of the person. "Holes" in the top of the head and chest, which appeared during the ritual blowing recycled by the rattle. Only then one can stand up, and the shaman tells him about the animal forces, which he had brought him, and sends a message of animal power.

In life, anything may happen, but not to lose heart, shamans advised to monitor their attention, be in the present, not the past or the future.

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