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Dismissal often creates some problems for future careers. The ability to go through this stage with minimal losses, and maybe even with acquisitions, greatly facilitates career breakthroughs. In recent years, employers are less likely to occur, evaluating new specialist without an analysis of his professional past and believe that a good person must have at least a few years of experience in the new reality.

Therefore, the requirement to provide advice to the candidate with previous employers has become the norm. It is clear that the former head of a great recommendation will only be, if you broke up with him in the good, and he held his grudge on you. Dignified with previous work allows you to have some resources for the future.

Since the dismissal as the case may proceed on different scenarios, we will consider them in order.

1. You suddenly put out the door. Unfortunately, at present, quite often there are companies in which the dismissal of the staff is the most destructive. Fearing leakage of commercial information, the security of these companies at some point simply does not allow to lay off employees in the workplace, offering him to go to the personnel department for the calculation. Neither his now-former colleagues, or with the guidance of exile can not occur. Legal aspects of these practices will not discuss. We only note that with subordinate commanders always treated as employees themselves they are allowed. And since the institution adopted the practice of what you may not know, seeing your colleagues suddenly disappear, the willingness to dismissal must be constant. What does this mean? First of all, we should advance to exchange home phones with the most interesting to you members of the workforce. If it so happens that you suddenly suffer punishment from heaven, then no you will not interfere in their free time to ring with former colleagues and speaking from the heart, to commit to maintaining a mutually beneficial ties in the future.

2. You have decided to dismiss a civilized manner, informing the time. The best response to this event should be a joy. As wise people say, "Everything that happens is for the best." In any very unpleasant at first event with some psychological skill it is possible to detect the positive. Here's to them, and focus! In this case, feel free to use the time you have for conversations with the right people and training to search for a new job. Discussions with management and co-workers should be subject to the following logic: "In our partnership with you and were good moments, and conflicts. Remembering an old grudge I have no desire, and want to store in memory and at home, and you have about our interaction only positive things.

Over time, we will work on the bugs. It will, I hope, a guarantee that if life will bring us more together in our affairs, the new relationship will be better than the old. Our collaboration has given me a lot as a professional, and I thank you sincerely grateful. I hope that this is not my last purchase in the life of our love with you. "

3. You suddenly made an interesting proposal from the side. In this case, the initiator of the termination of cooperation you find yourself, it is psychologically difficult to implement. Authorities presented the news as if you have not yet made a final decision and are in thought. The monologue can be constructed as follows: "I would like to discuss with you a question about my professional development. Until recently, my work ran its course, and my plan was not to make any sudden movements. Of course, I hoped for career growth, but to a major breakthrough in this regard has not yet considered himself ready. However, not so long since I left the people concerned and began to convince me otherwise. They believe that I have long been ready for more in their work, for what and offer a new professional career. Basically, I'm starting to lean towards the fact to accept their offer, because for me it will be a great head start. And in life I have accumulated a number of some of the issues for which a higher salary would be welcome. For my part, I realize that my possible care will inevitably create some complications in the company, so I want to discuss the current situation prior to the time when I will make a final decision and will write a statement. " After such a reaction monologue head can be of three types:

A. "Well, and get out to the four winds." It is obvious resentment, and it is necessary to try to smooth over her: "Well, why are you so dramatically! You know perfectly well that we are starting to work, have entered into a marriage with you to the grave. One day our paths had to disperse. Similarly, you might have to lay off on its own initiative, if it would be considered beneficial to the case. I would not want to stop our cooperation on such an emotional note, especially since no one we do not interfere with its continued and after I'll be from a different company. In any case, I would love to preserve our business relationship and the future. " If Head after the passage of such reconciling not thaw the soul, then it can be given at this time, returning to continue the conversation with a statement already in his hands, as he openly expressed unwillingness to try to hold you back at a counter proposal to interrupt the alternative side.

B. If such a proposal from him still coming, then you have a chance to choose the best one of his career. But it is important to try not to fall into the very common trap. Its essence lies in the fact that chief makes you at least an interesting proposal for the continuation of cooperation, not really intending to fulfill its promises. You decide to stay at the old place of work, thus losing an alternative employer. A month or two, when you know that chief I deceived you, there's nowhere to go. So in such situations, you should be able to fix or clear their new agreement with the head, or preserve an interesting job, the potential employer for a couple of months.

B. The third option may be the reaction of the chief cry of the owner, someone who is trying to take away from under the nose of a slave. Even the thought of such a manager can not allow that the employee may leave his own. So his response to the news of your possible dismissal is generally shaped violent "collision" and consists entirely of charges, which essentially boils down to the fact that you are "ungrateful egotist in which the company has invested a lot of money, time and energy, so you do not have moral right to leave until all of this will practice in full. " If you start to rebel, then chief nominate such conditions dismissal, the implementation of which will make you a slave to the fact, and care will turn into an unattainable horizon. In this situation, the course of events takes inevitably destructive, and your Care is similar to flee when they think only about minimizing their own losses. Here is the rule: the longer you leave, the more you lose.

4. Planned withdrawal. If the decision to dismiss you take in advance, and your relationship with the boss friendly and constructive, it is useful to have a conversation with him about it for another couple of months before the actual cessation of work in order to minimize complications in the work of the team due to your care. In this case, the best option is to call a thorough explanation of the reasons for your action. Speaking from the heart can express their life situation and the resulting personal plans, which are an integral part of a changing workplace. Going into your position, the head will be ready to meet, facilitating the possible solutions to your everyday problems. Such relationships help you organize your care involve drawing up a joint program of action for the remainder of cooperation aimed at the full satisfaction of both partie

This is usually enables resign with minimal losses and the most resources for the future. Yes and possible return in the event of adverse developments usually comes easier. The wisest leaders, not being able to keep to a good staff, not spiteful of impotence and treat former employees as their agents in the outside world, which in the future may help alleviate the life of its former workforce. In such a case and dismiss psychologically easier to start a new life thanks to the realization that somewhere there is a safe haven where you can go back if necessary. Mutual support even after parting usually brings tangible benefits to both parties.

SA Gladyshev, psychologist

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