About Liberty: Valentin Akudovich


What is your freedom?

Simulacra (a word which in reality has no characteristic).

What is most limiting your freedom?

"… The moral law within me "(Kant).

What is happiness for you?

Pytanne asked by journalists if you do not know what else to ask.

What are you most afraid of?

That God, like me, do not.

What a talent you would like to have?

Talent perastvarennya water into wine.

Who of his contemporaries do you admire?

In my years of people do not get addicted. Only the clouds.

What do you most enjoy doing?

Peel the potatoes when the rest of the work is redone.

If you could live your life again, what would you change?

Race. I would like to live a life following the Eskimos.

What's the best advice you have received?

Do not climb toad where horses are forging.

What is your favorite motto?

The fate of the horse not overeat.

In any political system, you want to live?

If anarchism, as it were Bakunin, Kropotkin and Abdiralovich.

What country do you want to live?

In the light at the beginning of September.

In what era you want to live?

In return, but would die in the sixteenth century.

If you were the ruler of Belarus, what would you do first?

Would drink with friends, and then hung himself in the closet to save the country from disaster.

What relations of Belarus with the European Union should have?

As a neighbor — through a hole in the fence.

What relations of Belarus with Russia should have?

As with Venezuela.

Some think so, "Let dictatorship, just to own." And you?

I think so too. But it's better without it.

When and how to change of power in Belarus?

Most wolf in the forest will die.

If Belarusians will speak Belarusian?

When cancer at Mount whistle.

What happens if you do not start speaking Belarusians Belarusian?

Then they will be silent in Belarusian.



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