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December 26, 2011 10:32

In recent decades, greatly increased interest in all things mystical. People interested in the esoteric becomes larger every day.

Let's talk about the so-called shamanic journey, what they are, which are used, what dangers lurk traveling … in dreams and reality.

One kind of out of body travel — astral travel, or otherwise — Star (from the Greek. — Aster — star). From the name implies that this star travel. Not exactly. More accurately be called a kind of — traveling in the astral (star) body. Is due out in the astral body is a person (and not only — animals also have this ability.) The output of the astral body can occur spontaneously under the influence of a sudden stress. And well, if it was limited to the usual brief fainting (full output of the star body may terminate the "umbilical cord" with the physical body and, therefore, imminent death).

Conscious use his astral body (astral double / twin) requires careful preparation of the star body. But one should start with the physical — not being able to control your physical body, you should not tempt fate and start to control the astral. There are special breathing exercises, practices for the development and strengthening of these two bodies (they are closely related to each other).

Sometimes carried out astrotela dream. Then the possible short-term sudden paralysis, most often — breathing. The danger in this case lies in the fear that arises in humans. In no case can not panic — you can close the door for the return of their star twin back into the body.

Astral travel are carried out in a state of deep relaxation, in a meditative state, the breath — slow and deep. Many people use this calm, quiet music.
The next type of travel used as shamans traditsionnikami and neoshamanami — is lucid dreaming (OS). More recently, this technique was not known to the user. The curtain opened the "hackers dream." Although dedicated to this kind of travel is known since ancient times, and is considered the most difficult and dangerous. Travel happening in svoemsnovidennom body (double).

Neoshamany brought up on the recommendations Castaneda said take a separate component that you want to create.

Traditsionniki also include Dreaming body to one of the characteristics of the soul, believing that the soul is the guardian angel of the person.

As a rule, those who should be in the future tribal shaman, have this ability from birth.

For the education of his double, to strengthen and seal in dealing with newcomers takes an average of 2-3 years.

Practice, specializing in the OS, you need to ask the travel program (address, route, purpose), and after a few minutes driving off the road. As the name suggests, this is happening in a dream.

Should distinguish between dreaming and sleepwalking.

In the dream man Dreamers recipient gets interesting information, to communicate, but sees it as a spectator, not seeing you.

When sleepwalking person not only sees other objects. He dreams of being on the side and sees him take sleeping body of his master. Therefore, this type of operating system allows a greater degree of influence on the development of the situation of dreams, maneuver and manage.

Many of the future of students who do not have, apparently, no relation to shamanism, it is through the OS into the view shaman mentors.
Actually shamanic journey, traditionally known inhabitant, is a trance of varying degrees of depth, which includes the shaman under the rhythmic beats a tambourine, bells, rattles and sounds like Actually practice it is quite normal ticking clock to get in enough to travel trance. The main thing — to select the appropriate input to another reality (clearly the hole, a hollow in a tree, chimney, stream, cave, etc.).

A person may appear to be asleep, in fact it is not — he can hear everything that is going around, knows where he really is.
Shamans use all these methods of collecting information, travel, communication, search for missing parts of the soul.

The astral body (you can see in the dark), the shaman is able to quite noticeable affect on the physical body of another creature. This species is often used to treat someone when you want to know the status of the patient.

Lucid dreams are mainly used for contact with the object of interest (the patron spirit, patients, colleagues, to study a terrain, etc.) Sometimes the double reality prevents the owner of warnings. Dreaming body has a higher density and strength than the astral.

Shamanic trance — traveling in the "upper" and "lower world" — are used to find missing things, search and collect the stolen parts of the soul, to communicate with the ancestors, learning devices these worlds and to make contacts with the inhabitants.
None of these types of travel is not safe. And it's stupid to do so out of simple curiosity. Everything must be under the control of not only knowledgeable in the field of man. Ideally, this should be dealt with people who have at least one stage of initiation. Do not forget — under the control of a mentor, to be, to whom the right to intervene if necessary.

We should not think that the subtle world inhabited. There is a life, there is a lot of different things and beings. And many of them have a desire to communicate. But not all of them are harmless. You can meet and with aggression, intimidation, with vampirism. The main factor — hunger. Thin inhabitants elementary lack of food (energy). Traveling may try to divert away from the route. In thin worlds very easily get lost. On physics, it will manifest itself in psychiatric disorders and abnormalities.

Replanting may occur lyarv (disembodied malevolent entities, thought forms), identity theft to the inexperienced traveler. Moreover, this can be the beginning and not notice. Man begins to disintegrate, the dream is broken, there is confusion in the mind.

If before such things were equipped with so-called "foolproof", but now Pandora's box is open to all — easily accessible literature for every taste.

Because once again to warn — idle interest and curiosity in such matters — it is dangerous and fraught with unpredictable consequences, not only for fun, but also for his family!

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