Abroad, the French Legion 180 years

March 9, 2011 the French Legion of overseas celebrated 180 years. The Legion was created March 9, 1831 by King Louis-Philippe I on the basis of several regiments of the precursor.

Legion consists of a tank, infantry, engineering units and commanders. In the true time Legion consists of seven regiments (among them the famous 2nd Parachute, composed of special forces of the Legion comes GCP, be combined only of the volunteer officers and corporals), and a demi-brigade of the 1st Special Detachment also training regiment. Its numbers varies, the true time in it about 8 thousand.


— Preventing war in missions under the auspices of the UN or NATO (for example: Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan), the preservation of the world.

— Evacuation of people from the regions of the war, the provision of humanitarian assistance to rebuild infrastructure.

— Special operations, such as fighting in difficult terrain — in the jungle, mountains, counter-terrorism and hostage rescue operations.

— Maybe as ordinary troop subdivision, conduct combat actions.

Places of deployment

— Peninsula Mayotte (Comoros)
— Djibouti (North East Africa)
— Kourou (French Guiana)
— Corsica,
— France.

Is one of the most efficient detachments French army.

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