After 5 years of Russian army will be 70 per cent of Prof.

After five years, the Russian army will be 70 per cent of professionalThe encouraging news for recruits yesterday sounded from the lips of the chief of the General Staff Nikolai Makarov.

He was on a business trip in the Trans-Baikal region, namely, inspecting, as organized combat training at the range Tsugol. And during a meeting with reporters that he expects the armed forces in the coming years.

— Management of the country's decision to increase the number of contract with the 184 thousand that we currently have, to 425 thousand, — said the general.

If to this we add the 220 Prof. army of thousands of officers who will turn 645 thousand professional soldiers, or 70 percent of the personnel. According to the views of Makarov is so significant professionalization of the army and navy, on the one hand, facilitate the learning process seriously fighter. On the other hand, will increase the combat readiness of the troops.

In other news related to the transfer of functions uncharacteristic military civilian organizations. Partial "switch" garrisons on outsourcing has happened. Chief General Staff said that the auction will end in August, and army en masse to go to such security personnel. The content of the towns, cleaning area, a company catering to the military units, repair equipment and weapons completely take over civilian office and the company. "This is done with the fighter engaged only battle preparation, "- explained to Makarov.

And he spoke about the transition of the Armed Forces on the brigade structure. General considers that the error was not here. According to the brigade combat abilities did not concede the same divisions. Over the next three to five years, the new compounds further strengthen the artillery, the significantly expanded the range of brigade task. Chief General Staff convinced that such a construction troops can quickly flip them at least some place and, depending on the objectives, complete the connection required number of battalions. They are, for everything else, can still operate autonomously.

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