Aftershocks after the earthquake in Japan can go 1-2 months

Strong aftershocks after the earthquake in Japan could last for one to two months, according to RIA Novosti Deputy Director of the Institute of Physics of the Earth RAS Schmidt named Yevgeny Rogozhin.
8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred in Japan on Friday. Its epicenter was located 373 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, the earthquake lies at a depth of 24 kilometers. Soon, in the same area several more powerful aftershocks with magnitude above 6.0, the epicenter of one of them was just 67 km from Tokyo. The magnitude of the strongest aftershock of 7.1.
"It is an island of Honshu, the largest of the Japanese islands, the earthquake occurred in the middle, about 80 kilometers from the coast, in the sea," — said Rogozhin.
"Already there are quite a few aftershocks, one of them quite strong, magnitude 7.5, also at sea. Then shocks can go for about a year, but the most powerful — in about a month or two after the main event," — he added .
He stressed that the earthquakes are such a force in the world is extremely rare.
"The magnitude of 9 on the earth is a once in 10-30 years", — said Rogozhin.
However, the current earthquake occurred just one year after the devastating earthquake in Chile — where earthquakes of magnitude 8.9 and tsunami almost in February 2010 killed more than 500 people, he added.

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