Alexei King: The verdict Sannikov reminds sentence Kozulin

Minsky says political scientist Alex King verdicts Andrei Sannikov, Elijah Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanavu, Vladimir Eremenko.

"The sentence reminds Sannikov sentence Kozulin. There wasabout five and a half years. So this is such a foregone conclusion norm. And the result of the verdict was laid under essentially the "documents" which were printed in the newspaper "Sovetskaya Belorussia". The line charges and that invoice, which cited by sutanstsi to fit the abvinavachnne, sounded.

The second conclusion. In fact, this is the logic of the authorities in the course of the 19th, if it were not for sentences, the needed would cast doubt on the 19th. The purpose of such sentences — intimidation of opposition and its paralysis. And not to put forward candidates in the next election, in addition to those who have received the go-ahead from the current government. "


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