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Documentary filmmaker British state: the Nazis built the "flying saucer"

The German "secret weapon"? The debate on the authenticity of the picture do not cease.

Discovery Channel made a film on one of the most intriguing myths of the twentieth century — a disk-shaped devices, which allegedly flew Nazis. Documentary spotted a man claiming to be a secret project «V-7" really existed. And the 84-year-old Luigi Romersa, a military adviser to Mussolini, he saw that "saucer".

— It was something unusual. Round "flying saucer" was in the middle of the cabin with a Plexiglas dome. And from all sides were visible jet nozzle.

Another argument journalists Discovery — memoirs German engineer Andreas Epp, who died only 10 years ago. In his youth, Epp served the Nazi regime and the beginning of the 40s the country's leaders sent a letter to the technical calculations, proving the advantage of maneuverability and carrying capacity of disk-shaped devices to the aircraft of the classical form.

However, the response to his appeal of a young designer is not received. Next Epp learns to check his words, of course, impossible, that in 1943 in occupied Prague at the "Skoda" German designers are building a disc-shaped machine. He secretly arrives in Prague and sneaks onto guarded military facility — it is difficult to imagine how such a thing could happen — and reveals where the car gathered in his drawings.

Up until the surrender of Germany, engineers seem to have continued to test. But before coming to Prague Soviet troops managed to destroy the machine. The blessing was enough time. Prague took our only May 9, 1945, after the fall of Berlin. And he Epp was captured by the Americans. And, according to the official version, lost interest in designing diskoletov. But rumor has it that this is not the case, and in the CIA intervened.

By the way, in 1950, another Italian Giuseppe Bellontse, said that the engineers in Germany and Italy since the beginning of 1942 produced several such devices — disk diameter of 23 — 25 meters of different modifications: heavily armed, transport, up to 20 people — for sabotage operations and machines equipped with special equipment that makes a noise in the operation of instruments enemy aircraft. Bellontse presented even some scattered drawings. But two years later, aged 76, an engineer died and took his secrets to the grave.

PS For more information about "flying saucers" Nazis read the next issues of "KP".

Suggested that Epp

In modern parlance, the engineer designed a disc-like helicopter with eight-piston and two ramjet engines. Apparatus consisted of a circular cockpit 4 meters in diameter, surrounded by a disk-fuselage diameter of 19 meters.

No Movies?

In several European countries the film premiere of "flying saucers" Nazis held on December 18. But the company Zone Vision, representing the interests of Discovery in Russia, reported that they have no information when the tape can see the Russian audience.

Andrew MOISEENKO December 9, 2004

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