Aliens buried in Mexico

January 29, 2013 16:44

Ancient cemetery containing the remains of strange humanoid creatures discovered by archeologists.

Alien Wednesday ITS

In Mexico, near the village Onavas, located on the west of the country in the state of Sonora, archaeologists found a mysterious graveyard. Very old: experts estimate it to be at least 1,000 years. In all, the remains of the tomb buried 25 creatures, generally similar to humans. But half of them differed very specific feature: their skulls in the neck was incredibly stretched. Exactly like the aliens from the famous film "Alien" director Ridley Scott.

Scientists assure that nothing like this, neither they nor their colleagues had not met in Mesoamerica — from Mexico to Honduras, home to the ancient Mesoamerican peoples. Where do these mutants in an abandoned cemetery that belonged to the Indians of the tribe pimas? Director of the Research Project Christina Garcia Moreno puts his own hypothesis:

— Rather, in the ancient Indian tribes deformed skull in order to be able to distinguish between the upper classes from the lower. And maybe — for ritual purposes.

But this speculation leaves many other questions unanswered.

Strange skull.
Photo: INAH

First, it is not clear why it was necessary to pull the skull to distinguish from a servant leader, if all the bodies were buried in a cemetery?

Secondly, the researchers found no explanation for the fact that some cadavers were jewelry, while others do not. And why, of 25 skeletons was only one woman.

Third, it is unknown why some of the dead have been specially damaged teeth. The analysis showed that the execution was carried out during the life of the deceased, as a teenager.

And the last. One of the skeletons stumped scientists. One of those buried in the abdomen somehow protruding bones, and they were so deformed that resemble the shape of a turtle shell.

Finding in Nazca

This is the second in recent years, an unusual find in the Western Hemisphere. Almost a year ago, in November 2011, in Peru, were discovered the mummified remains of a humanoid creature with a big head, too. They found him near the city Andahuaylilas (Andahuaylillas), in the southern province of Peru Kvispikanchi (Quispicanchi). Near the famous Nazca, which is famous world naves mysterious giant drawings. When the discovery of the Peruvian anthropologist studied the museum in Cusco Renato Davila Riquelme, he exclaimed in surprise: "She looks like an alien!".

And just — like aliens from horror movies. The size of the head from the chin to the benevolent — 50 centimeters. Same — the lower body. Hollow — much wider than that of ordinary people. Teeth — as in the adult. A benevolent — open, not overgrown like a baby. And most importantly, as the Mexican, the Peruvian skull strongly extended back neck.

— "Bolshegolov" does not correspond to any ethnic group, living on our planet, — said Riquelme.

Really, really, aliens?

Skeptics disagree. Convinced that we face — examples or sick people who are burdened with heavy mutations. Or sacrifice operations "machining" of the head.

The earliest written mention of the giant tortoise belongs to 400 BC Famous Greek physician Hippocrates in his treatises describing disease called macrocephaly — is an abnormal increase in the size of the head relative to the body of man. But beyond that, the doctor met and skulls of Neanderthals, which were artificially lengthening of special equipment.

Typically, these operations were carried out on the children, as their heads were easily changeable. At the age of one month of the infant's head squeezed wooden planks. And in the grip of children spent nearly six months. However, this method was extremely life-threatening. And many Neanderthal skulls with mutilated died young. In ancient Peru was for some reason decided to bandage his head babies — also with a view to increasing it.

The question is why it was necessary to disfigure their offspring? Some researchers put forward the theory that perhaps our ancestors saw still some beings arriving on Earth. Their descent from heaven, fantastic ships so impressed savages that they glorify alien to the status of gods. And would like to be like them.

One of the mummies found in the orbit preserved material eyes. It is hoped that it will be possible to analyze its DNA. And then finally cleared up, who buried the Indians.

Svetlana Kuzina

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