Already weekend, May 14-15

Blitz review of events and those in Belarus, a world history.

Rain …

…Saturday rain, but the rain on Sunday. The temperature plus 7-17.

Do not pass:


Continuation of the trial of members of the protest December 19, 2010: in the courts Partyzanski, Frunze, Condo and Leninsky district of Minsk. Andrei Sannikov is awaiting sentencing, Elijah Vasilevich, Oleg Hnedchyk, Fedor Mirzayanavu, Vladimir Eremenko.


Concert in memory of the victims of the terrorist attack 11 April 2011. In the four-hour event will bring together writers and musicians — Vladimir Orlov, Ales Ryazanov, Vitaly Ryzhkov, an ethno-trio "Trinity," the group Akana, The Outsiders, Alexander Tomatoes and many others. All proceeds from the event will be directed to the victims and their families to rehabilitation. Concert ticket will cost 30,000 rubles. Minsk, Loft Cafe, P.Brovki, 22, at 19.00.



Final of "Eurovision-2011" in Düsseldorf.

A 6 pm, Highland Park, New Jersey (9 River Rd, Highland Park, NJ 08904) — concert "The Star-Spangled Belarusian live sound" in the performance of "Vertex".


International Book Fair in Prague (now the main theme of the fair: the literature of the Arab world).


In Brussels, the European Youth Week begins.

In many cities in Spain and Portugal demonstration against economic policy.

In Cairo, choosing Arab League Secretary General.



In 1955, in Warsaw signed a declaration on the establishment of the Military of the contract. This military alliance of communist nations existed before July 1, 1991.

In 1995, the first Belarusian referendum on national symbols and giving the Russian language equal status with Belarusian.


In 1891 born Russian writer Mikhail Bulgakov (d. 1940).

In 1905 he made his debut in print Yanka Kupala. In the newspaper "Northwest Territory" was published the poem "The Man".

In 1971 in London, an Belarusian library named Skaryna. Manages the London Library, Father Alexander Knudson.

There is a reason:


World Fair Trade Day.


International Day of Families.

MINUS 365:

Penalties for national flags in the center of Minsk

Quote to remember:

Manuscripts do not burn.

Exhort them to me witch left! .. Neither an engineer, nor for equipment not go.

Nice to hear that you are so polite about the cat. Cats usually for some reason they say "you", although neither cat had no one drank brotherhood.

Whatever made your good, if there were no evil?

Yes, man is mortal, but it would be so bad. The bad news is that it sometimes sudden death, that's the trick!

Mikhail Bulgakov's "Master and Margarita"

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