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January 11, 2012 21:50

Brain dolphins often exceeds the human in both size and number convolutions. Animals Dolphins have universal acceptance, symbolizing freedom, joy, grace and tranquility, and lifting the mood of many people around the world.

Perhaps, for many it is no secret that these, according to the appearance, the true fish are actually mammals. These strange animals, dolphins have blood, hot and scarlet, and can give birth to only one baby at a time.

After the birth of dolphin in length of about 1 m, and will grow up to 4 meters, and the life they have for 40 years. Sea dolphins — very sociable animals, easy going on contact and quite friendly.

Animals Dolphins use their powerful tail and fins to move through the water, the tail also serves them for jumping to kill the fish and for the expression of emotions, they say that the dolphin, like a cat, has a tail of water, if it annoyed or ready to attack.

Their pectoral fins are used to control movement through the water, as well as strokes of each other, which increases the social bond between them. Dolphins, sea friends can bathe together, away from everyone, hugging and patting each other's fins.

Their teeth are a series of conical "stakes", suitable for catching slippery fish, which they eat alive. Into the Wild Dolphin open mouth is a sign of aggression, especially in addition to clicks jaws.

Dolphins breathe through the nose at the top of the head. Periodically they have to emerge to breathe air, the complex nerve endings around the nose can measure pressure to dolphin could know when to take a breath.

Perfectly smooth skin allows dolphins to move easily in the water and reduce heat loss. Marine dolphins often injure skin teeth during mating or fighting, they should change color. Their bodies are designed with high accuracy, which allows them to swim quickly in water.

Animals Dolphins can dive to great depths, and jump up to a great height. These jumps are used in saving dolphins from predators, to demonstrate their skills before the females during mating, as well as to kill the fish.

Dolphins (see below photo) are the offspring as human women in the womb, pregnancy lasts about their year. Baby out tail first, and will stay with their mother for up to 4 years.

Live marine dolphins in flocks, females usually stay "at home" while the males hunt. Each flock is determined his home territory and hunting trips, etc. Flocks often combine to live together. If dolphin injured and can not emerge, members of the pack will help him, lifting him above the water and allowing it to breathe.

Animals dolphins have enemies — they destroy the shark, but the main enemy, unfortunately, is the man, killing them both directly for food, and indirectly, through environmental pollution.

Most of the day sea dolphins spend foraging, hunting, either alone or in flocks. They use a system of echolocation to find fish, noticing cant move back to attack. Dolphins communicate with each other whistle still debate about the fact that this is a well-organized whistle speech. It is also believed that each dolphin has a unique whistle, used them as we use a signature.

Language of dolphins can be divided into two groups: Sign language (body language) — various poses, jumps, turns, different ways of swimming, the signs served tail, head and fins.

Language sounds (own language) — the alarm, expressed in the form of sound pulses and ultrasound. Examples of such sounds may be: Twitter, buzzing, screeching, grinding, clicking, smack, scratches, pops, squeaks, roaring, screaming, shouting, croaking, whistles. The most expressive are whistles, which the dolphins, there are 32 species. Each of them can mean a phrase (the signals of pain, anxiety, greeting and rallying cry of "me" and so on).

Scientists investigated dolphins whistle, using the method Zipf, and received the same slope as that of the human language, that is carrying information. Recently, about 180 dolphins found signs of communication that are trying to organize, making your communication of these mammals. However, despite numerous studies to decipher the language of dolphins to date have failed.

Striving through the green water, symbolizing the joy you leap from the depths To touch the sky Scattering spray Like handfuls of jewels.

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