American accused of Bigfoot in the defeat at home on wheels

October 23, 2012 19:46

According to the man, he has repeatedly seen the mysterious creature in the woods.

Photo: Illustration

Photo: Illustration

A resident of Pennsylvania, John Reid, accused of Bigfoot that he threw his mobile home with stones. According to the man, who is the founder of the society to find a yeti, he has repeatedly seen the mysterious creature in the woods near his home.

John Reid called on scene patrol, and told them that Bigfoot started throwing stones at the vehicle after the man turned on the light to examine the merits. The police said that will be engaged in the investigation of the incident, regardless of who it is — a man or a yeti — guilty for what happened.

In this case, the District Attorney Edward Marsico jokingly remarked that the government has long wanted a snowman.

"We would be pleased to begin to pursue a lawsuit, unless we assume that it will be able to catch" — he said.

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