Americans believe that Obama will be able to protect them from invading UFOs

June 30, 2012 11:39

Americans prefer Obama as a defender of the aliens

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Barack Obama has an unusual ace in the race for the presidency: almost two-thirds of Americans believe that it is better than the opponent, Republican Mitt Romney, to cope with the alien invasion — says The Times, citing a study National Geographic.

According to the poll, which was attended by the Americans in 1114, "most people do not mind a little alien invasion, as hopes that these cosmic visitors will be friendly" — like the charming character of popular film Steven Spielberg's "ET". It is reported that believe in UFOs more than 80 million U.S. citizens.

The poll also showed that a hypothetical meeting with an alien 22% would try to make friends with him, 15% would be saved by flight, and only 2% would make an attempt to inflict injury. 11% of respondents claim to have seen a UFO, and 80% believe that the authorities are hiding information from them about the guests from space.

Disappointing assumption previously made famous scientist Stephen Hawking: Aliens get to Earth, in his opinion, may be "nomads, who are interested in the conquest and colonization … for operation of each new planet for material to build new space vehicles to move on."

On the Democratic primaries in 2008 Political Action Committee on extraterrestrial phenomena was with the rival Obama, Hillary Clinton, so on the basis of recent studies can speak of a shift in the mood of the electorate, says The Times.

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