An earthquake measuring 5.2 points occurred in Australia today.

EarthquakeAs the citing local media reports, the tremors felt the residents of several towns on the coast.

According to the U.S. Geological Survey, the focus of the elements lies at a depth of about 10 km relative to the seabed, RBC reports.

Earlier it was reported that Australian seismologists have developed a new method of detection and investigation of local earthquakes, which will be accurate underground maps and investigate subsurface faults. The new method of Australian scientists rely on complex mathematical model that takes into account the propagation of seismic waves for the accurate prediction of earthquakes and their effects.
According to statistics, in Australia a serious earthquake with widespread destruction and loss of life occur on average once every five years. Earthquake of medium and small power occur about twice a year. These factors, says Australian seismologist David Robinson, makes Australia one of the most earthquake-prone regions in the world.

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