An era of wonderful and unknown

July 16, 2012 17:16

Magical world of fairy tales — a reality of the Subtle World. A magician in it — every man, because in this world, you can use the visual power of thought, creating it any creative construction. And they really will exist, will be visible and real.

In a world of tight as a force of thought. Only matter it is not so malleable and changeable, as in the Subtle World. And the results of the thought is not so clearly evident. But at a high concentration and a fiery aspiration can be performed literally miracles and material forms of the world density.

With the advent of the New Age, this density will gradually rarefied, the properties of all types and forms of life change. And then the creative power of thought will also evident, as is the case in the Subtle World.

Many wonderful and unknown awaits man in a new, higher and more sophisticated world of life.

According to the laws of love and beauty

Light scatters the darkness, good triumphs over evil, love triumphs over hatred — this is the result of Armageddon. So it was and always will be. And the only way, because life is beautiful and radiant, and everything that distorts her beauty, has no right to exist.

Life can only be based on the laws of love and beauty.

And remember.

Victory Day

The future of the world have long been established in the lava fields, fiery prototypes that have become world Slim and it fixed. It is high time the transfer of new forms of life in the world of solid life.

For us, this holiday, artistic creation, incarnation in the world of dense reality beautiful gifts of creative thought the creators of the planet lives. And at the same time a celebration of another victory evolutionary laws of Being, a celebration of his life principles.

So we said, Lords of Shambhala. It is said to warn mankind — consciously intelligent inhabitants of the planet.

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