Analyze the images of the gods of Mesoamerica

So, continue the analysis of images of celestial gods of Mesoamerica. Even on such a small scale sketch, besides distorted by traditional notions orthodox-minded scientist, pay attention to some very interesting details.

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For example, what strange things are holding all the "magnificently clad warriors," even sacrificed their colleague? It's some kind of elongated boxes with rounded edges and a horizontally placed handles (and for which they hold). Its shape they resemble a modern portable tape recorders or radios that is absolutely "contra" the ancient Toltecs. The similarity with modern electronic equipment amplify round "knob", which differ in certain boxes. On the front of these strange boxes are shown with bared heads predators toothy maw.

Strange and out of place, and it seems the part is a "decoration" from "Warriors" as the stick is inserted into the nose. Their belts they are plugged elongated flat objects like carved planks on the upper ends of which depict human skull.

Jackets Warriors seemed remarkably similar to scaly costume "star god", which was described above. Finally, on Kinzhalova sketch of one of the characters on his side have the same star, like a "star god".

In the book of famous Mexican archaeologist Alberto Ruz, shows a good picture of the same bas-relief fragment, namely the "star god"! Compare this image with a pattern Kinzhalova shows that in the book Kinzhalova shows a mirror image of the bas-relief. But it is not that important. The main thing is that the photo A. Roos visible stunningly interesting details.

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