Ancestral curse ruined the lives of people — NTV

July 18, 2012 16:50

Crown of celibacy — the terrible reality of our time. Overstayer brides and grooms have to turn to psychics and astrologers, to finally tie the knot.

Today to establish a career easier than privacy How to break this vicious circle? In the Studio "Show and tell" — girls and young men, which further status brides and grooms could not move. All because of — the crown of celibacy.

Margarita Kachkaeva three could not marry. It is almost twice came to the wedding, but it never came. The last girl left her fiance pregnant at the last moment.

Xenia Royanova could not have a family for eight years. The girl decided to turn to a clairvoyant, which identified: curse hangs over the girl once in her old man of the family increases. Following the ceremony Xenia accidentally met her lover. Her husband admitted that Xenia — the first person he offered to make relationships.

Marina Selivanova men did offer five times — five times and ran away. Psychic Marina Evdokimov in the studio "Show and tell" all explained, because of excessive maternal custody of the girl closed chakra, which allows to get married.

By Julia Okuneva groom escaped a month before the wedding. Cause of this behavior she sees in a fit of jealousy that arise suddenly. But the psychic saw the problem in most of Julia: she lives past and is always thinking about his experiences. In the studio psychic girl took off the crown of celibacy.

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