Andrew Pochobut: Mode is the mode. And have you, and then I

In live journal was next, a second sheet of journalist Andrei Poczobut, located in Grodno prison for allegedly insulting and defaming the president in articles Pochobut in the Polish "Gazeta Wyborcza". The text of the letter on LiveJournal put Andrei's wife Oksana:

"I can not believe it took a whole month! It seems like just yesterday on my hands clasped handcuffs and taken to the prosecutor's office of the jail … Time flies fast, much faster than a "day." Prison life is monotonous, but not without its small pleasures. I'm getting lots of Letters from Poland, Belarus, and even from Lithuania and Germany. It's like kavtok of fresh air!

I am sitting on the 3rd floor of the detention center, one floor down in the 30s sat most famous prisoner of Hrodna prison — the communist terrorist and loyal Stalinist Serge Pritytsky. Back in the 80 th year, I went to the first class of the school that bore his name. And now here's a unique opportunity "to stay" in its "military glory" :-) Actually, I was not discouraged, quite the contrary. Belarus 'prison' is not much different from Belarus "free." Mode is the mode. And have you, and then I :-) Do that is the prison is still more skandensavana. With interest in collecting material for "postturemnaga reportage", although he will be destined to come through years, but be sure of this, he will not become less interesting. And how are you? "

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