Andrew Pozniak. Portrait against a lattice


Andrew Pozniak never involved in politics. December 19, he went to the capital with ZHODINO at all on Christmas gifts. Independence Square was accidental. After the dispersal took him to the police station the next day was tried — Andrew was fined 30 basic units. If after the holidays do not show up for work, it turned out that he was detained in the criminal case and taken into custody.

Andrew was charged under articles 1 and 2 of Article 293 — "riots." Contained custody in jail number 1 on ul.Volodarskogo in Minsk.

Father Andrew Alexander — a former football player, was repeated champion of Belarus, then the head coach, head of the team Zhodzina "Torpedo". He instilled a love of football Andrew, who is seriously involved in sports. Now he is — a fan, it can be said, a fan, a patriot BATE, goes almost all the matches of the team.

Andrew is a very cheerful, optimistic person. Extremely energetic, fully developed, reliable friend. It likes to come and work in the country, which he had always in perfect order. How, by the way, and the apartment where he lives. In the country grows mainly flowers.

Andrei's 10-year-old daughter, with whom he spends all his free time, all weekend.

Tatiana, a friend of Andrew Pozniak

Andrew Pozniak was born May 20, 1977 in Zhodino. He graduated from Zhodinsky vocational school for 14 years as an electrician at BelAZ. Not interested in politics. Was not a member of any political parties and organizations. He grew up in a sports family, has always loved football, and he was engaged, was a fan of BATE.



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