Angel hair

July 22, 2012 8:55

Often during UFO sightings or after the passage of the witnesses on the ground show a subtle thread of unknown origin and composition. They usually have a silver color, sometimes glow, very thin and light, slightly radioactive. They touch gelatinous, the air quickly evaporate.

Angel hair

Ufologists first talked about them in 1954. October 27 of that year, two people — Jen-Lyuchetti peoples and Pietro Lastruchchi standing on the terrace at the St. Mark's Square in Venice, saw two flying in the sky, "glowing spindles", which retains its fiery white trail. Both objects were flying at high speed at a small distance from each other. Then an object flying back up to the same height as the master, turned and disappeared in the direction of the UFO Florence.

A few minutes later there was a dramatic break in a football game at the stadium in Florence. 10,000 astonished spectators, players and referees stood and stared at the two objects flying over the stadium. Nine minutes — from 14.20 to 14.29 — the couple three times flying over the city. On the football field fell weird, like hair, fibers …

The substance melted in his hands, and once the student Alfredo Yakopotstsi managed to collect a few fibers in a sealed sterile vial. Soon tube came to the director of the Institute of Chemical Analysis, University of Florence Professor Giovanni Cannery. His colleague, Professor Danilo Gozzi, did an analysis of the mysterious substance, and said: "It is a fibrous material which possesses considerable resistance to stretching and twisting. Being subjected to heat, it darkens and evaporates, leaving transparent sediment melting. Analysis of the sediment showed the content of boron, silicon, calcium, and magnesium. Hypothetically, this substance could be a bit of boron silicon glass. "

American ufologist Charles Maney suggested it — "surplus energy UFO materialized." Dissolving, fiber "back into their dimension or another space-time continuum." According to another ufologist, Englishman Brinsley Le Poera Trench, "hair" — is something like ectoplasm, released at seances!

In 1967, Soviet popular science BV Lyapunov received from New Zealand examples of "angel hair" in a sealed tube. Mysterious substance of less than one-tenth of a cubic centimeter has undergone a comprehensive study. Physicist radiometrists LV Kirichenko came to the conclusion that the substance provided "discover fine-fiber structure with a thickness of individual fibers of less than 0.1 micron. The bulk fibers confused in clumps or individual "threads" of thickness 20 microns. Fiber white, translucent. Material being analyzed is not synonymous with any known education. " Academician IV Petryanov-Sokolov, summarizing the study, said: "The sample is of interest as a very fine-fiber material and is hardly a natural compound." Unfortunately, the study of the entire mass of the unique material was consumed. A new batch of "hair" and failed to get, even though they do not fall out again in our country.

"In gym class, we observed a UFO — wrote in 1990 Sevastopol student Artem Urfis. — It was the balls … They were flying in the air at high speed, throwing white sticky "web", which, as soon as it was taken in hand, melted. Balloons and "web" saw 24 student and gym teacher. " There are times when the "hair" just a drop of clear skies. In 1898 the American people of Montgomery seen the fall from the sky substance "resembling cobwebs." The threads were like thin asbestos fibers and slightly phosphorescence. A February 10, 1978 near the town of Oamaru on the coast of New Zealand, sticky strands falling over two hours! They were "considerably thinner than the web", but still clearly visible in the sun against the clear blue sky.

Some threads first looked like balls the size of a tennis ball, slowly unwinding in the air. Other fibers drifted by a cluster resembling a loop from the aircraft. "I've never heard of such a thing" — admitted representative of the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research of New Zealand.

We must recognize that the origin of "angel hair" could not set to this day.

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