Animals react to the approach of a major earthquake, but scientists do not always pay attention to it

It has long been known that animals feel the approach of the earthquake — are beginning to worry a wailing female looking for a safe haven for posterity. Unfortunately, this way animals react not only to the earthquake, so the biological precursors are considered by scientists only in combination with others — geological, geochemical, etc. symptoms.

Director General of the National Seismological Service Center of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan Gurban Yetirmishli sure that the mass death of fish March 8 near Redondo Beach in the Bay of King Harbor in the Gulf of California (estimated number of dead fish closer to one billion) occurred because of the impending earthquake in Japan. Fish, sensing disaster, migrated to a safe place, but for some reason, crowded into a small bay, where they do not have enough oxygen, causing a massive loss.

"Certain ranges of acoustic waves in the marine environment, causing bumps before the big earthquake, are disastrous for marine life, resulting in animals and fish die or beaching. Before the earthquake in Japan, there is both the first and second," — said Professor Yetirmishli. This, he explains that a few days before the devastating earthquake in New Zealand on the shore of emissions over a hundred whales.

Even after the disaster in Japan, the media reported that shortly before the most powerful earthquakes in history fishermen in coastal waters have repeatedly observed a rare fish-belt (herring king), which lives at a depth of 700 m, and rarely rises to the water surface. According to Japanese legend fish belt emerges to warn people of the impending earthquake. According to some, this type of fish surfaced and before last year's Taiwanese and Chilean earthquakes.

By Yulia Smirnova

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