Another proof of the scientists of the gift of foreseeing events

October 29, 2012 3:13

Do people have the ability to foresee the events that have not happened yet? As a result, new research proved the existence of premonitions without warning signs.

According to the magazine "Market Leader" members of the North — Western University analyzed the results of the twenty-six studies that were published in 1978 — 2010 years. Participants in these studies were observed significant changes of brain and heart waves and oscillations in the electrical measurements of the skin, up to ten seconds before experiencing a variety of random stimuli, for example, an exciting picture. This fact is evidence that what people — that unfathomable way to anticipate that in the future will see what will they have a definite reaction.

Long ago it is no secret that the human subconscious know much more than the mind. However, even though it is still up to the end it was not clear whether the person to guess what — or important events that occur in the future, without any prompting.

For example, a person who plays computer games in the headphones while sitting at work, can not hear, as will the bosses.

However, according to study author, Julie Mossbridzh if you could listen carefully to your body, you probably would have noticed the warning changes for two — ten seconds before he came in time to shut down the video game. And even before the arrival of the chief's office had to open the desired canvas.

Yet scientists have no absolute certainty, can we call this phenomenon'' the ability to foresee the future.'' This phenomenon is called'' abnormal'' warning activity. The warning is because, in response to what — or an important event, it can predict the future possible physiological changes without any — that signals or signs. Anomalous because scientists can not find an explanation to him, using all the knowledge in the field of biology. Finally, the activity because it is in the form of changes in the skin, the nervous and cardio — pulmonary systems of the human body.

The staff at the University College London are confident that we could uncover the neurobiological basis of predicting the future. For this study we used the method of magnetic — resonance imaging. During the experiment, the scientists recorded the activity of different brain areas. For a long time it is known that people with memory impairment is not only not remember past events, but are not able to foresee the consequences of the current event.

Darshan Kumaran and Eleanor Maguire is convinced that a particular role in anticipation of the event is the hippocampus — a small area of the brain, which is located in the temporal lobes. This department is responsible for the processes of learning and memory. In the experiment, people showed four pictures, a sequence that is changing. It was found that the activity of the hippocampus changed, if a sequence of images provided for a person unexpected. It is believed that this section of the brain does not respond to a new event, and the discrepancy between the expectations of people and what actually happened. Results of the study explain why sometimes a person simply to hear a piece of music or what — what to see, and he will be able to recall the sequence of events. In the event that this part of the human brain is damaged, then the person is not able to recover the chain of events that occurred when the — that. According to the researchers this is due to the fact that the hippocampus is not able to connect a whole different fragments of the past.

Have the ability to foresee events, and our pets. Dogs, cats and even parrots feel when he returns the owner and arranged for some time, waiting at the front door.

Biology Professor Rupert Sheldrake has studied more than four thousand similar cases. Researchers are looking for an explanation of the ability of animals to anticipate the danger threatening the man. There are many examples where the pets have foreseen the danger and thus safeguard the owner from danger.

Sheldrake is collecting information to the unique capabilities of the mind pets, hoping when — then give them an explanation.

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