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So, the authorities opened the cashier. The hunt begins …

"From the moment fully commit themselves to the gods" — with these words cut off the last, dated May 20, 1925 letter to Percy Harrison Fawcett sent to the civilized world. He and his companions were all dissolved in the Amazon jungle, which is eloquently called the "green hell". Name of Colonel familiar to those who believe in the mysterious and dreams of meeting with the unknown … His friends were Henry Rider Haggard and Arthur Conan Doyle. Many have tried to find at least traces of a lost expedition, but all in vain …

An experienced surveyor and traveler (19 years he has worked in South America and served as a risky job, spending a demarcation line between Bolivia, Peru and Brazil) beckoned lost cities and centers of buried civilizations, absorbed the jungle. Here the river teeming with piranhas and electric eels, and lie in wait for prey caiman anaconda, and on land full of poisonous spiders and snakes. Plagued the expedition and wild tribes …
Diaries of Colonel Fawcett published his youngest son Brian in a way they were written. In one of the expeditions in 1911, Colonel came across a tribe of Indians, located at a very low level of development. Nevertheless Fawcett found contact with them. People maksubi tribe did not advise travelers to go north: rumored to live there even more primitive creatures — cannibals. "You will fall right in the pot!" — Using facial expressions and gestures, warned white new friends. But they did not listen to advice, and the long-awaited contact with a wild tribe. A word from the colonel: "… it was the people most primitive form — tall, hairy, completely naked, with very long arms and sloping foreheads to the back of the prominent brow ridges. Suddenly, they turned and fled into the underbrush, and we know how useless to follow the savages in the forest, moved along the trail to the north … ". Fawcett stubbornly continued to go through the land of savages. He met them again. "It was a huge ape-like creature, who had looked as if they had just risen above the level of animals.
I whistled, and the huge creature, incredibly hairy, jumped to his feet under the nearest shelter … and, hopping from foot to foot, approached us at a distance of four feet. Emitting strange sounds, it stopped, dancing on the spot, and suddenly the whole forest came alive, filled with those awful ape, nagging his "law firm, law firm." The situation was not a pleasant one, and I said we would go to them with the world, but they did not pay any attention to my words. It seemed that human speech was beyond their comprehension. I. .. pulled out a revolver hanging in a holster on his hip. It was a big, uncomfortable thing to be unsuitable for use in the woods caliber, but I still took the revolver, because he could gain a foothold on the end of a wooden holster, turning into a sort of rifle, and was still easier than a real rifle. He charges the bullets 38th-caliber black powder, producing a terrible roar. I have not even picked up a Mauser, and just pulled the trigger and blurted into the ground at the feet of ape. This produced an instant effect. On the face of ape an expression of the most perfect surprise, little eyes wide open … We were given a couple of volleys over the branches, hoping that the noise would frighten the savages and adjust them to a friendly way. But they did not show any desire to start a friendship with us, and not waiting until one of us hurt, we gave up his intention. "
Indeed, in the Amazon jungle roam rumors of humanoid creatures, akin to the Himalayan "Yeti" — yeti. But the formal science scoffed at the message and Fawcett, and other researchers. Although the ape almost turned into a museum piece.
From the jungle near the border of Colombia and Venezuela came thrilled find Francois de Loix, a Swiss geologist, and it was in 1917. Once on the river, he and his colleagues saw a whole group of "ape-men". They tried to attack the aliens, tossing them in the branches. The leader behaved more aggressively, and all of the bullets got him. The rest fled.
De Loix planted killed a male (his "masculine identity" are clearly visible in the picture) on the expedition box, chin propped with a stick, and so took a picture. After that, he measured the unknown creature: his height was 1.57 m As subsequently assured geologist, tail he did not have; 32 teeth in the mouth of a man and apes, and not 36, as in all South America.
With the ape-skinned, dissected skull. But alas! In tropical climates the skin got worse and the cook of the expedition kept in the skull … salt. Under the influence of salt and moisture skull broke apart at the seams.
Meanwhile, scientists have studied the picture with prejudice. They drew attention to the long prehensile foot (de Loix claimed that they were on their feet and waving their sticks) and the ratio of the hands and feet … In short, the experts concluded, it is not of great apes or ape, but only spider monkey coatis, however, is very large. The "normal" coati long tail and she uses it as a hand or a foot, but the tail can be removed for a box … She does not know how to walk on two legs. However, scientists are still "crossed spears" about an old photo Francois de Loix.
Skeptics incredulous snorts: a skull fell apart, the skin got worse … But optimists believe in, as they say, "relict hominoid", ie fossil ape surviving to the age of man.

Hominoids in the hands of the "special person"
One of the points where these creatures are often observed, was the Caucasus. And here hominoid was innocent at the hands of Soviet military counterintelligence, popularly referred to as the "Smersh". Its definitely "write off", there was a war, and anthropologists, to put it mildly, were out of place here. Only 17 years later, in the presence of three professors — a historian, a zoologist and anthropologist — gave testimony Colonel neurologist Medical Service Vazgen S. Karapetyan.
"In October and December 1941, our independent battalion was moved about 30 miles to the mountains Buynaksk (Dagestan). Once local authorities have asked me to look like medic caught in the area in the mountains and brought to the district center of a person to decide whether this strange man disguised saboteur … We went into the barn, along with two or three members of the local authorities. When I asked why I should inspect the person in a cold barn, not in the room, I was told … in a warm room, he can not be. Sweats heavily, so he was kept in the barn.
The man I saw now stands in front of my eyes. Here was a male person, naked and barefoot. It was, no doubt, man, for all his forms were human. But on the chest, back and shoulders, brown hair. It should be emphasized that all the locals Redheads, this looked like a bear's fur, long she was in the 2-3 cm below the chest hair was more subtle and gentle. Hands — rough, with thinning hair, palms and soles of the feet — without the hair. On the contrary, on the head — a very long, shoulder-length, partly also closes his forehead. At the touch of hair on his head were very tough. Beards and mustaches were not, on the whole face light hairiness, the hair around the mouth are also rather short, sparse.
The man was standing perfectly straight, his arms. Above-average growth of the order of 180 cm stood as a hero, powerfully putting an advanced, powerful chest. In the hands of a very thick, strong fingers unusually large size. Overall, it was considerably larger than the locals.
His eyes were not speaking, dull, empty. It was a purely animal mind. And in general, he gave the impression of an animal.
As it turned out, for the time being in captivity this man did not take any food or drink, do not ask, do not speak, in a warm room was sweating profusely.
I held out my hand, and even said, "3dravstvuyte!" He did not react, but only published mooing. When I once again his face was presented to the water, then food (bread), was extended a hand to him — there was no response. On the chest, neck, and especially on the face — a lot of lice, and, of course, do not belong to one of three species of parasitic in humans.
I gave oral conclusion that it is not disguised man, but a wild! Then I went back to my unit and never received information about the fate of this creature. "
"This is it" — said the lieutenant colonel, when the artist, who was on the commission, sketched a portrait of a wild man.
Apparently, this "wild man" was recognized as the simulator, that is hiding a criminal, and his fate was unenviable … Of course, there was no hope of finding even a skeleton … The war "cheated" and not as a victim.
But skeptics are suspicious … Film Documents produced in Northern California — nonsense! Questionnaires information — nonsense poorly, to say the people. But among them English surveyor, a Swiss geologist, a lieutenant colonel of the Soviet Army … Gave information at the time ohotinspektor V.K.Leontev, knowing only the nature and wildlife of Dagestan. His extraordinary encounter with a mysterious creature and description suggest the full similarity with caught "malingerer" — hominoids. Dagestani call it Captari.

"August 5, 1957 in the mountain Guta I broke up with his companions, and, left alone with a small supply of food and decided to stay for 2-3 days in an array Goutal.
Early in the morning of 7 August, I went in the direction of the right-most source of the river Dzhurmut. The path was very difficult and even dangerous to life. Evening of August 7 in one of the snowfields was found fresh tracks of large leopard. Having spent the night around the campfire, early morning of 8 August, I continued my journey to the origins of Dzhurmuta. When going through a snowfield I have found strange footprints. In form they are somewhat reminiscent of a bear trail, but differed significantly from the trace of the beast. First, create the impression that the animal was only on his toes and did not fall on the whole foot. Second, on the inner side of the track there was the development of a separate big toe or claw. It should, however, were so badly deformed as a result of thawing of snow that many of the details were not different track altogether.
By the evening of 8 August I went to the source of the river gorge right Dzhurmut. Twilight made me worry about accommodation. About niche steep ledge I made a fire. Made tea. Night had fallen. I was preparing to sleep when suddenly broke the silence of the night a strange cry. He broke off as suddenly as incurred. Then after a short pause was repeated again, but much farther away from me, and somewhat to the side. Then there was complete silence. The cries will not occur again. Scream was very loud. It was not like a roar, growl or bestial howl. Not a single wild animal known to me, could not issue such sounds. I could not shout like that, and people. From me to cry at first it was the source of 100 m, and the repetition of shouting about 200 meters (approx.).
The morning of 9 August, I began to climb the gorge right Dzhurmut source of the river. The evening found me in a dark mountain valley. I barely collect enough twigs for a fire. Finally made a fire and boiled the kettle. It was my last night in the mountains. The next morning I decided to go to the village Kamiluh. There I waited reserve ranger and had to be prepared to leave the horse in Tlyaratu.
Sitting by the fire, and looking around the gloomy cold rocks, I suddenly noticed that on a snowy field of the southern slope of the valley is moving a creature. It crossed obliquely snow pile, heading in the direction of the upper cornice and moving away from me. At that moment, when I saw this creature, it was from me at a distance of no more than 50-60 m One look at this creature was enough to admit it Captari. His appearance is fully consistent with the general appearance of those descriptions Captari that have been received from local residents.
With no possibility of delay Captari and clearly aware that my meeting with him and my observations may be of great scientific value, I decided to hurt him (in foot shot from his gun.) With the wounded Captari I could try to handle it. I wanted to tie him up and leave connected by the fire, go to Kamiluh and returned with the horses and the people living Captari forward to Makhachkala. "

"To this end, I took aim at the foot Captari and fired. For a hunting rifle range was quite significant. My shot did not cause any harm. During the shot, he for a moment he turned to me, and then ran with incredible speed up the hill. Quickly crossed the snowfield reached the zone of block Nava and lost among the rocks. I chased Captari, but it was much quicker me. So far I have achieved its trace on the snow field, at that time he had disappeared amid the chaos of boulders piled up near the top of the southern slope of the basin.
Already dusk, but I still managed to sketch and measure traces Captari left them on the surface of the snow field. That night I hardly slept. The morning of 10 August, I again looked at the traces Captari, made some minor corrections to their sketches. I spent the whole day exploring the mountain valley, but no longer find any trace of Captari.
The morning of 11 August, I was forced to leave the valley and head towards the village of Kamiluh. In the village I came late at night on August 11. There I was waiting for the huntsman Ibrahim Hajiyev with riding horses. " Ohotinspektor described the appearance of substance. "In a meeting with Captari I was away in distance of 50-60 m, but in any case not more than 60 m, and at least 40 m at a specified distance I saw Captari for 5-7 minutes. 8-10 minutes later I chased him, but at that time he was already a considerable distance from me.
In relation to my body Captari was oriented half-turned.
Basically, I saw the back, left side and part of the left cheek. At the time of observation in the air circling snowflakes. Advancing light and transparent twilight. After the shot Captari turned to me, his face but I saw a flash. Therefore, some details were missed me.
Its growth has been of the order of 2.2-2.3 m wide shoulders disproportionately. But it was evident that the arms too long. They could be longer than that of humans, but much shorter than the monkey. The legs seemed to me a little crooked and very massive. The entire body is covered with hair dark brown. Thickness and length of hair on the body, in my opinion, no less than the bear skin. Especially the long hair on his head. I had the impression that the hair on the head of a darker color than the body. There was no sign of the tail. I did not see the ears. The head is massive.
When Captari turned to me, I only saw a flash of his face. But, anyway, it was a person, not an elongated snout bestial. The outlines of the nose, lips, forehead, chin and eye shape I had not considered. I had the impression that the person, as well as the entire body, completely covered with hair.
His back was severely hunched Captari. It was like a very stooped. Its general appearance — chelovekooobrazny. If you compare Captari with one of the living creatures, the closest comparison would be that it looks like a very tall, massive, broad-shouldered man, who from head to toe is overgrown with thick long hair.
Captari walked on his feet as people walk. His hands he did not touch the ground. No signs of wear on it was not. It is hard to imagine that the hair covering his body is a special form of clothing.
Captari can be a very peculiar creature, but it is impossible to admit that he is a beast (something like, for example, a special type of high-mountain monkey). The whole look of Captari testified that this humanoid creature. "
Then follows a detailed description of the traces of hominoid.
"I was lucky enough to see and sketch the next Captari prescription in a few minutes. Next has a very strange shape. Maximum width of the feet — 15 cm outer ends of the fingers strongly pressed into the snow, the impression of the existence of the fingers on the limbs of some bumps. Another explanation is that Captari went on to turn in his fingers, as if clinging fingers in snow. All four feet fingers not adjacent to each other, as in humans, on the contrary, were strongly apart, and the distance between them varies from 0.5 to 1 cm width at the base of the four fingers of 2.5 cm and 2 cm at the end The width of the thumb of 3.5 cm, length 9 cm length of the finger rest 5 cm on the last, last resort, the finger joints in the snow indicated by clear indentation. It seems that this is gross and prints of large growths of the skin. Fingers are separated from foot deep depressions, which are also located along the footprints of large growths of the skin.
Foot narrows sharply to heel and is shared by two parallel depressions, as if imprinted deep wrinkles. Along these depressions are also prints of skin growths. It seems that the track is not Captari print the entire foot, and only print sock. There is nothing particularly strange. I examined his tracks on the steep slope of a snowy field and made sure that, rising on the hill, not stepped on the whole foot, but only on the toe. Of course, that just walked by and Captari. Thumb Captari positioned far away, the distance from the end of the thumb to the end of the little finger is equal to 20 cm, ie, 5 cm greater than the maximum width of the foot.
Captari foot prints on closer examination they leave the impression that the foot is covered with a thick and rough skin, different growths and large, coarse wrinkles. No trace of claws is not noticed. Foot prints Captari have no resemblance with traces of animals known to me. It does not look like a bear on the trail, and very different from the bare human foot footprint.
At a meeting with me Captari not publish any strong sounds. So I, in fact, I can vouch that he heard a cry Captari. However, comparing the description of screaming Captari I have received from local residents, with the sounds I heard at night on August 8 in the gorge right Dzhurmut source of the river, I have a right to assume then that he heard a cry Captari. In the case slyshannye me cries belonged Captari, they can be described as follows.
Creek Captari very loud, very strange, perhaps, no one comparable. It consists of multiple repetition of various high and low sounds somewhat reminiscent of the sound of a huge string. In any case, the screaming Captari are elements of the metal sound. Of course, such a comparison is very far from the actual characteristics of the sound screaming Captari. But with anything to compare this cry is quite impossible.
In scream Captari have any sad and disturbing notes. I personally did not experience the horror, hearing these cries, but they somehow emphasized the abandonment and solitude of mountain wilds.
In Captari cry I could not distinguish articulate sounds, but that does not mean that these sounds were not in reality. Maybe I just did not grasp the nuances of the sound, which is more delicate ear can perceive as articulate sounds.
Creek Captari so original, that probably any comparisons will be far from its true performance. Anyway, all I know of animals and birds do not emit sounds like screaming Captari. "

It is noticeable that ohotinspektor subjected to biased "interrogated" by repeating the same thing. And his response commission relic hominoids.
"The lack of me so far negative information about the meeting with Captari following reasons.
1. Absence in my possession undisputed factual material, confirming the accuracy of the meeting with the creature.
2. There was not a witness of my meeting with him, so my message to such a meeting would cause hardly trust
3. In my possession was not the camera. I could not even take a picture next Captari.
All this led to the fact that I have decided to temporarily refrain from the official reports of the meeting with Captari until quite reliable factual material.
In the summer of 1959 I intended to conduct special studies in the field of the Main Caucasus range, hoping that as a result of this research at my disposal will be fully reliable proof of the real existence of Captari.
But the real message is in response to my inquiry commission to study the question of "Bigfoot".
Captari — "Bigfoot" of the Greater Caucasus mountain range, of course, there are real. The full solution to the "Bigfoot" can only be achieved as a result of the organization of special scientific expeditions. Number Captari in Dagestan very small. Probably Captari extinct. I think it will not only be quite useful, but even absolutely necessary to raise the question of the organization of national parks within the boundaries of those areas where lives (or expected to be) "Bigfoot".
I must say that this information has not been widely publicized, and to this day Dagestan — not the best place to study "problems of the century." Its resolution tends to zero — perhaps as the very strength Captari, "Bigfoot" Main Caucasus Range.
And that's what the press reports of the day:
"Beijing. In China, a new stage of hunting the elusive shaggy wild man, whom the Chinese are together called "Bolshenogy" for a lot of traces left by them on the ground. Authorities Shennuntszya, located in central China's Hubei Province, announced for the capture of the legendary polucheloveka-poluchudovischa 500,000 yuan (over 60,000 dollars). They will receive any traveler, whether Chinese or foreign national or a local resident, who will be able to catch a live savage. "
So, the authorities opened the cashier. The hunt begins …

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