Aphorisms: Act. Court. Prison.


Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: The first time you heard some saying about the law, court, jail? From who? How to understand it?

Vintsuk Vyachorka: These proverbs are remembered consciously. So, apparently, it's the proverbial saying about the law as a pole. And about the same, but with perspective not the state, but a person: If you can not, but really want to, you can.

Rakytskyy: Or feel the difference between the attitude of the law, and perhaps even more — for justice, in the countryside and in the city?

Vyachorka: From rustic deeper reality had to meet the students' "potato." And then heard the saying, and the reasons for it: Who the farm is not a thief, he is not master of the house.

Law. Court. Prison
"Do not come, O God, and plead to be treated"

"There would be back, and then there is a fault"

"The trial judge is not for the thief who stole, but for the fact that

bad hid "

"For a wine ten innocent suffer"

"Where the court, there are"

"If you hang, do not drown"

"Either poor or rich — just an innocent"

"If you cover the evil, the judge deaf"

"Mare a wolf wandered — yes tail fringe left"

"3 is not strong, Boris, and the rich do not contend thou"

"From prison NO warning"

"If you can not, but really want to, you can"

"It is better to drown than to litigate"

"Neither his father nor of the uterus caught"

"Truth is in court"

"In the market you can not buy parts, and the court will not find the truth '

"If they drown, they will not hang up, and if it will hang, do not drown"

"Whether by one leg hanging, or two to hang out"

"Act like tongue: where will turn, i went there"

"For the offense back scratching"

"That was not a ban, then i would not be standing world"



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