Appointed court to liquidate Tell the Truth

Set a hearing on the suit to eliminate educational institution "Moving Forward", in which a program of "Tell the Truth." Meanwhile, the organization has not yet returned to the constituent documents, and the activists of the "Tell the Truth" is not given to personal belongings and money.

On July 7, the Minsk City Economic Court scheduled a hearing on the suit of Minsk City Executive Committee on the Elimination of an educational institution, "Moving Forward." Minsk City Council is seeking its liquidation on the grounds that the alleged "Moving Forward" in the registration have inaccurate legal address.

Representatives of the organization do not agree with and talk about the causes of political pressure. Deputy director of the institution, "Moving Forward" Nina Pohlopko recalls that on 10 June during the preliminary hearing, the judge Andrew Aleshkevich granted the "forward" to grant statutory documents that were left in their office, which is still sealed off by police Leninsky district police department.

Without access to the office, we can not prepare the documents that are needed in court

"Thus, without access to the office, we can not prepare the documents that are needed in court. Investigators month promise to remove seals from the doors of the office, but every time something supposedly impossible," — said "Freedom" Nina Pohlopko:

"I had the honor to meet with the head of the investigation department Sukala Anatoly, who promised me that the office is open today and give us a print and articles of incorporation. But today it is said that someone is coming to him just for our business and it is nothing can not do for us. To this I noticed that we were not able to defend themselves in the Commercial Court. And he says, so what, this is not the same you are guilty? "

Nina Pohlopko do not rule out that the founding documents "forward" do not give specifically to the defendant's failure to appear then attributed to the court and decide the case in favor of the City Committee.

On June 10 at a preliminary court hearing the representative council of Justice of Minsk City Executive Committee Emilia Pozniak confirmed the claim to the "forward" regarding false information, but could not explain to the court exactly what the organization is to blame. Post a Comment for "Freedom" Emilia Pozniak refused.

May 18 in the office, "forward", which houses the headquarters of the "Tell the Truth", and the apartments of more than 20 activists were searched in a criminal case of false declaration in respect of goods and services. After the searches, the activists of "Tell the Truth" took personal money, computers, office equipment. Investigators from the Leninsky district police department of Minsk, the leading case, no comment and refused to say when money back and Computers activist. Nina Pohlopko said that so far no one returned nothing, including her

"One and a half months have passed, but not conducted any investigation. Nobody called in what status owes nothing back. There are no changes."

Activists of the "Tell the Truth" continue to operate with private initiative. Yuri Oleynik said, "Freedom", which on July 3 people gather near the military cemetery to lay flowers on the graves of famous people who have done much to Belarus:

"Of course, there is a symbolic place like Victory Square, which all bear flowers. But in Victory Square, except for the Eternal Flame and the monument, there is nothing. But in places such as the Military Cemetery, burial lot, and they are, in our opinion , not valued as they deserve.'s why we are going there with flowers. "

To lay flowers at the military cemetery, people gather on the 11th hour of the morning.

May 18 police arrested a three-day director of the institution, "Moving Forward", the famous poet Vladimir Neklyaeva, and the activists of the "Tell the Truth" journalists Sergei Wozniak and Andrey Dmitriev. During interrogations, and upon release they have not put forward any specific charges.


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