Archaeologists first descended into uncharted Mayan caves

January 26, 2013 1:32

These places are filled with treasures.

Archaeologists first descended into uncharted Mayan caves

Archaeologists have explored the cave system in the metro area Yaxcaba Yucatan (Mexico). These caves are located in the center of almost unexplored part of the ancient Mayan ruins, writes foreign media.

The team of archaeologists, cave explorers, photographers, and local guides went into the jungle, hoping to learn more about the Mayan culture, to understand the meaning of the ancient rituals and communicate with spirits.

Archaeologists first descended into uncharted Mayan caves

The man with the head of a bird — a symbol of musical

Interestingly, the ancient Maya believed that all objects were "zhivimi." They held the ceremony of the "liberation" of the living spirit of the various objects. In one of the caves were found otshlifovalnnye stones that were ritually "killed" in the past.

Scientists have discovered petroglyphs and ancient ways of the Maya, as well as human remains, pottery, jewelry dating from 800 BC


Ma? Ds — the civilization of Mesoamerica, known for its literature, art, architecture, and mathematical and astronomical systems. Began to form in predklassicheskuyu era (2000 BC. E. — 250 AD. E.), Most of its cities reached its peak during the Classic Period (250-900 years. BC. E.). By the time the conquistadors was in steep decline.

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Photo: National Geographic

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