ARIES-based devices designed remote control cameras and drying himpodgotovki aeronautical products

The company "OVEN PRO" (St. Petersburg) developed on the basis of units OWEN remote control cameras and drying himpodgotovki aeronautical products. The main objective of the project was to create a remote control with two cameras and drying himpodgotovki aeronautical products served a heat aggregate group — the diesel-stage burner Lamborghini and two fans air — supply and exhaust.

The basis of the automated system is a programmable logic controller ARIES PLK100. For visualization of system performance and management of applied graphic operator OWEN IP320. The system automatically maintains a precise, predetermined by the operator, the temperature in the cells. Temperature data cameras come with temperature sensors installed inside the camera module on the input panel, where it is converted and fed to the controller. The system also adjusts the room air fans for power modes one or two cameras. This is implemented using frequency converters vector OWEN OWEN PCHV2 PCHV1 and that fuel efficiency fan motors.

The system continuously monitors the serviceability of equipment, both in the operating conditions and in the idle state. In case of emergency: Fault engines, burners, sensors and modules, the system completely or partially blocks the light and sound alerts the operator and siren.

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