«Armata»: the silence that has no analogues

In a short time often have different kinds of images, which show promising tentative view of the tank on the platform «Armata». But all these images and three-dimensional models have a corresponding feature — among them no 1st official image of modern war machine. The creators of the project has not spoil the public information, and there are causing a variety of speculation on the subject. Stated terms of adoption «Almaty was» adopted approach, but, nevertheless, hitherto responsible person limited to general statements and not in a hurry to publish any information technical nature.

Last week, June 27, Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov once again raised the issue of the creation of the modern armored platform than all interested public who were interested in this topic. To the chagrin of fans and professionals of the vehicle, the deputy minister again cost generalities without specifics. Yuri Borisov said that promising main battle tank «Armata» created at the moment, in its combat features outshine all available zabugornye machine in its class. Moreover, the deputy defense minister said that the properties and the ability to «Almaty was» will be higher than similar zabugornyh machines developed in the current time.

The same, according to Borisov, concerns and other weapons systems created at this point in our country. Thus, in step closure design work any new types of weapons and military equipment in their abilities, at least not inferior zabugornye counterparts. The deputy minister noted that in some cases the properties of all kinds of Russian developments, even higher than the respective zabugornyh samples. In the unlikely event there is not even make sense to conduct such projects.

So makarom talking about promising armored tank based platform «Armata» once again finished in the most general terms. Naturally, the expression of Deputy Defense advantages of modern Russian art over zabugornoy amuse the ear, but do not add any disk imaging to the latest available. Technical details of the project as before remain unknown, which can be interpreted most broadly, including in a bad way.

Prerequisite for the specific reaction of the public, in the midst of the rest can be Uralvagonzavod plans on showing the new tank. A few weeks back the company’s CEO J. Sienko said tank «Armata» will not be on display at the September exhibition of military equipment in the Russian Arms Expo Nizhni Tagil. The reason for this — the secrecy of the project. Previously, some sources claimed that at a future exhibition held «premiere» a promising tank. Now, it seems, the public will have to wait several months before it will show the latest military vehicle.

In the context of the show and the new tank is referred to the third version. Thus, the expert A. Khlopotov citing circulating in certain circles, rumors says that this fall still held the first show «Almaty was.» But first tank will show a narrow circle of persons from the management of the country and the military. What will happen after that — while no one can say. Khlopotov assumes that the future will probably show obvious hype highest authorities. For these purposes on a single company can collect tankostroitelnom promising mock combat vehicle, which will show the president, the defense minister and other officials.

While for obvious reasons can not be read as rights hassle. Maybe soon begin assembling the first prototype tank «Armata», but one can not exclude the other scenario in which to illumine Design Bureau did not have time to finish Uralvagonzavod design work. Due to the secrecy of the project can only guess what is essentially his condition. Naturally, it may be a precursor of various kinds of speculation, including the negative kind. May improve the situation with a lot of rumors and almost complete absence of the tested disk imaging could timely disclosure of information on the progress.

But so far on the «Armata» known only to the most basic facts, and clearer information relates only to the approximate time frame for developing and adopting. Naturally, this is a charming ground for the emergence of rumors. Likely in the upcoming industry and the Department of Defense will continue current policy announcement of the project information, the publication does not imply any details. Because until this demonstration layout promising tank — and already at this point we can assume that next fall it will not happen — program «Armata» remains hidden and therefore provokes controversy.

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