Armenian seismologists week registered 10 earthquakes in the region

 Earthquake in ArmeniaArmenian seismologists from 3 to 10 March in the region have registered ten earthquakes of three or more points, the press service of the National Seismic Protection Service of Armenia.

March 3 earthquake measuring 4.5 points occurred on the Georgian-Russian border area — 36 km to the north of the Georgian town of Telavi. The next day at the Georgian-Azerbaijani border area recorded two earthquakes, the strength of which the epicenter was 4 points and 5 March in the same area there was a three-point quake.

Earthquake in 4 points is also recorded on March 4 in Turkey, 60 km east of the city of Van, and on March 5 three-point light tremors occurred on the Iranian-Turkish border area. The next day, two three-point earthquake registered on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border area.

Another earthquake measuring 3.4 points occurred March 7 at 41 km southeast of the Turkish town Bulanik.

In this case, the message seysmosluzhby noted that in Armenia earthquake of three or more points in the reporting period is not fixed.

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