Army documents describe a technology capable of creating a voice in his head intended victim

Army documents describe a technology capable of creating a voice in his head intended victim
Declassified U.S. Army document «Bioeffects some non-lethal weapons» describes several technologies, which were developed by the military for «non-lethal» defeat enemy forces. Among them, for example, to transmit radio frequency energy into the human body. This energy is seen in a human brain as sounds in my head, and experiments have shown that it can be modulated so that the sound will take the form of clearly distinguishable speech. Being fully developed, such a development can be quite a massive inventory — both the good, for example, for silent messaging and evil — reducing human brain with the voices in my head. And here comes an intriguing question — whether the U.S. government has used this technology ever?

The document was declassified by the U.S. Army in 2006, and according to him:

Application of microwave technology can provide auditory covert messaging. It can also show itself useful for inducing a devastating condition in a human target, not only to undermine his ability to hear, and for the destruction of his mind «voices in my head.»

This so-called microwave auditory effect was seen for the first time staff working nearby radar installations during the second World War, when people reported that they hear the hum, tick, hissing and tapping into his own head, which in fact is not. South American researcher Allan Frey for the first time published a message to this effect in 1961, documented the ability of a person to hear the radio frequency pulses 100 meters from the transmitter.

In 1973, the South American psychologist Don Yustensen investigated 2-actors who simply hear and distinguish monosyllabic words like accounts from 1 to 10 in such energy messages. As outlined Yustensen doctor, «Audible sounds were similar to those emitted by a person with the apparatus of artificial speech.» Military document written in 1998, confirms the possibility of this technology successfully send voice messages. On the same subsequent improvements that have been made in technology over the next 15 years, the public do not understand anything.

Fairly clear that the messages can be fairly reliably delivered at a distance of several hundred meters, but are more comfortable over rather short distances. RF waves may pass through the wall structure, or any other non-conductive materials (like radio signals). Army researchers emphasize that the method of countering such transfer exists: as development uses radio frequency energy, it can be neutralized by conductive barriers, such as metal and iron screens.

In connection with this technology is interesting to mention subsequent case: August 7, 2013, some armed Aaron Alexis arranged slaughter in Rhode Island. A few weeks earlier actions, he went to the police with a statement that he hears voices in his own head three people who come to him and not let him sleep. According to him, they use this ultralow microwave technology, which allows to seep into the human brain.

Obviously, more than possible that Aaron Alexis was just unsafe schizophrenic, who pitched in the midst of the slaughter of unarmed people, for whatever their reasons unknown to anyone. But government spending billions of dollars on research of hidden types of non-lethal weapons are still enough reason to, at least, set for themselves the question of whether the statements Alexis manipulations with his consciousness likely. In light of the recognized facts, the word «may» is more than appropriate.

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