As foreign-gray in humans Personality bought

April 16, 2012 15:58

The story began in the time of Atlantis, about 12 000 years ago. By the end of the existence of their race, most Atlanteans practiced black magic cults. The authorities were black priests. Atlantean civilization existed 10,800 years before the Earth once again close to the center of our galaxy and the planet Nibiru, where the gods of 12 stages and the Creator of our galaxy called Ra or Rod. This happens every 12 — 13 thousand years: the Earth is a kind of show of the gods, in which solved the issue: can this race to further creative development or time to give a chance to the new race.
At that time, Atlanta emit darkness, and it was decided that further so can not continue. The then Bishop of Shambhala and the third legislator Earth Prometheus tried to reason with people, but it was heard one. The others wanted to live in the darkness of sin. Dark energy — the energy is heavy, so the land has suffered irresistibly to the center of our galaxy and Nibiru.

Prometheus had warned of the approaching end of the Atlantean Light through the shift of the poles. Since the announcement and the time of the Flood was about 100 years, during which the Earth is getting closer attracted to Nibiru. The time has come when the sky got Nibiru Earth second sun red. The light from the two suns was unbearable to the eyes and skin. All day hiding in a tightly curtained rooms curtains.

In the period of change races or ages (as we have now) allowed alien assistance in distress. The official rescuers were Atlantean Reptoids. Contrary to popular belief, Reptoids belong to the worlds of Light. Black priests was distasteful to help, so they pulled the alien Black (the "foreign-Black"). In alliance with foreign ink was gray alien (the "foreign-Gray").
In foreign-Black had a plan to destroy the people and land grabbing. The plan failed, and foreign-Black decided at the next change of races or ages "stand aside" and see what happens. But foreign-Gray thought that the time was their finest hour: when the next "Doomsday" of the Earth, they will be on the first cast. Unlike foreign-black, foreign-Gray decided to act ahead of time, to take over Earth by quietly, without waiting a critical period of change races or ages. The most convenient time for this creates a 7500 years ago, when the great state of Rus was destroyed in a war with China. People then decided that the war blame teachers and abandoned them and their knowledge. Started degradation of people.
After the Last Atlantis main force foreign-Gray left Earth, leaving the vanguard. Vanguard was the variety of foreign-Grey, which are best transferred to our climate and were similar to humans. Among them were men and women who were the offspring of marriages with humans. So we have on Earth is now "local" gray alien with pedigree. Externally, they are completely people, but brought up on an alien ideology.
It is this vanguard is the "devils, demons, devils and demons" that tempt people and enter into agreements on the "buy souls." In fact, no one can "buy Soul" — is a creation of the gods, and they will punish anyone to encroach on the integrity and freedom of the soul. Another thing people Personality. Here they can "buy" and "sell."
Ino-Gray invented a scheme to entice people to sin through the whisperings of "inner voice." At first, people trust these voices, because I think that is the voice of the soul, which they used to trust. Gradually, after seeing the effects of these whispers, people realized that they were dealing with something dark. People have to give the names of the voices of the worst of what they knew, "hell, the devil, Satan, demon." The fact that "devils, devils and demons" in those days were called darkened and blackened soul and personality of people, go to hell.
The result of this confrontation was the totality of people to distrust themselves, reluctant to hear any voices, including his own soul. Between Soul and Personality got a blank wall, a sort of print that people are self-imposed.
Lost touch with the soul, they have sought out the winds. Ino-Grey help them in this, the contract on which the person giving them their identity, and in return received a promotion in business and sinful lifestyle. After the death of the body, "contractor" for losing the accumulated life experience, memory and energy, because it all goes to foreign-gray with the "bought" Personality. The soul of a man without power and crashed in Hell, and when gets out, then comes back to the agreement with the Greys. And so for millennia.
At this point in the game entered another character — That Atlanta, which at that time had become the Lord of the Underworld — Hell. Toth did not like the idea of the Grey-foreign purchase of Personality and blackout Souls. He decided to be proactive, and he began to enter into treaties with ambitious people. But, in contrast to foreign-Grey, He enters into a contract not with all the power-hungry and pleasures as sinners, and the most promising in terms of people whose identity he did not want to give foreign-gray. Personality after death, "bought" Toth, went into the Realm of the Dead, which reunited with the soul. Thus, the memory, experience and energy to a life lived to the next life people wary of such "agreements".
You may ask: Why do foreign-Gray needed Treaty? There are several reasons.
1) De-energizing of humanity.
2) Life Extension foreign-Grey by lifetimes "bought" Persons.
3) "Purchased" Personality — is a source of energy for the foreign-Grey.
1. De-energizing of humanity.
Contract — a kind of insurance for foreign-gray with a large number of spiritually advanced light people on Earth who can help them resist the capture of the Earth at the time of change of races or ages. The fact that the technique of foreign-Gray is magical half (on the same principles as a technician Atlantis and early Aryans). Spiritually developed person is able to paralyze this side of technology, and then goes down electronics, while the foreign-Grey have problems.
2.Prodlenie foreign life-Grey by lifetimes "bought" Persons.
Time — it energiya.Kazhdy person receives as much energy (lifetime) — as it needs to address its objectives and purpose.
Each person is born with certain tasks: to learn to love, to overcome greed, pride, etc. To solve these problems aside a certain time of life.
Some people have a purpose — it is unfinished business from past lives. To fulfill the destiny of man is given more time living. Ino-Gray decided to extend his life, taking the extra time of life, given to man to fulfill destiny.
Man began to fulfill his destiny, he must first solve the problem of the Soul: learn to love, to overcome greed, envy, pride, etc. Only then, raising his spiritual and energy level, one proceeds to the destination.
First, foreign-Gray simply enters into a contract with all willing and waiting for a person's death, urging him to sin, so that he was not thinking about his mission. But it turned out that the man's death extra time on purpose canceled.
Then the foreign-Gray began to conclude contract strictly for 13 years, taking away some of the energy IMMEDIATELY human soul, and the de-energizing it. In return, the man was given what he wanted for his passions and sins. Living in this way, one faster than the old, sick and die prematurely. Of course, foreign-gray in every way "help" the man quickly "burn themselves", provoking strong negative emotions. With each splash people lose precious soul energy, reducing the life of the body. The remaining years of his life, "contractor" foreign-Gray learned to use to prolong their life.
3. "Purchased" Personality — is a source of energy for the foreign-Grey.
Personality — this spirit that has not only memory and experience, but also energy.
At the moment of death, signed the contract, there is an automatic separation of the soul and human personality. Soul goes to the Realm of the Dead Earth, and identity as a slave to foreign-gray until exhaustion, as the "second death."
Until recently "bought" Personality fall into special tanks foreign-Grey, where developed their energy to complete disappearance. Received energy foreign-Gray used at their discretion. Now it is no longer a disgrace: all tanks staged a program that automatically sends newcomers Personality of the special sub-layer of the dead. There they will wait to be reunited with his soul.
How is the process of contracting?
A person should fall into sin to lower your vibration and dream … not plausible, but only vice and sin. Ino-Gray capture these vibrations come into contact and offer to "help". The tricks "buyers" sing something insignificant. People like this, he asks for more, wanting more. At some point, foreign-Gray told him to do something for them. And he says, "First you tell me, then I'll … or see." All. Gotcha. The transaction was closed.
Recently, foreign-Gray used the method of "stick": Personality luring people invited to his "beautiful world." The person hears the voice of the unseen companion and see pictures of the "ideal world." Person is told that his body will die and will remain here, and he gets into their world. This is true, but not all. At this whole calculation, because when a person thinks that communicate with him friends, do not tend to clarify the conditions of his stay in the other world: where to live, to work, due to which there etc.
Recently, when stripping the planet and the shower in the pockets of space found many such unfortunate de-energized, which enticed out of the body "pretty pictures." Now they "restore their health" in Hell, as to rise above they have no energy.
Why contract is for 13 let?
The destruction of the body is 13 years.
Gray is not to enter into treaties with the Saints, and with the sinful people who are willing to do anything for the performance of their nefarious desires. For this purpose they need dark energy — vkusnuypirogek for Teachers of Darkness. And as one does not think of the virtues of getting everyone in their vices, it exacerbates their situation, wasting energy of the soul before it is dead. At the same time it strengthens itself as a Person by dark energy. In fact, the gray cook a dish of dark energy. The body does not need them, as the bones, which is discarded. So the body starts to rot, disintegrate due to accumulation of dark energy in it.
Extend the life (stop the destruction of the body) only through love and kindness. But, sooner or later, the cancer will consume the body.
Is it possible to terminate a contract?
No. Yes, and to sense something. But the man he kills himself, when the benefits of dark energy, so his body was destroyed, and the man dies. White can save only the identity of "contractor" and then the person is completely sincere desire to change themselves and their way of life, becoming virtuous bright personality.
You can postpone death, for example, creating a new identity, but the sacrifice of the same. Now a special time: a change or transition periods. This is a time of powerful energies, using which you can extend the life of the "contractor", pushing the time of death for several years.
Each person has a soul. She is one in all its incarnations. But the personality of each life, a new. There are people who, for various reasons, in one life time to build not one, but multiple personalities consistently. If the "contractor" stated a desire to completely change your life (life goals, habits, thoughts and deeds), then he would be given additional time of life — a few years. 2-3 years purposeful adult is able to form a new bright personality, quite similar to the still dark. When the time of reckoning is still dark gray will take away personality, and people will continue to live by a new bright personality.
Through the creation of new personalities are all awakening teachers and ordinary people, when abruptly change yourself and your life. They are the first person later goes to the Temple of Soul.
In between the hemispheres of the human head is invisible to normal vision is the Temple of the Soul. Located on the perimeter of the Temple door, enter into that man can make contact with your soul. Each door — this is the entrance to one of the person on the past lives that knows and remembers what it was then. If, during one life was formed two or more person, then each of them will have their own door.
Indeed, the "contractor" who decides to change themselves and their way of life, nothing to lose. He will live through a new identity if it is light, virtuous. Bright Personality looks at life positively, highlighting many light energy needed to prolong the life of the body. When negative thoughts and actions of the power consumption is doubled. If a person ceases to recover energy from the positive emotions of good thoughts and deeds, we will constantly be in a state of depression. And this is the right way to disease and death.

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