Asexuals — fools or people of the future?

October 11, 2012 6:51

They are young, beautiful and more successful. Often lead a secular life, follow the fashion, educated and progressive. Life without sex is natural for them. And beautiful. They do not reject it out of conviction or illness. Just "that" they do not need and not interesting.

They basically do not understand how it happens — be thrilled with the desire to engage with someone love.

They are young, beautiful and more successful. Often lead a secular life, follow the fashion, educated and progressive. Life without sex is natural for them. And beautiful. They do not reject it out of conviction or illness. Just "that" they do not need and not interesting. They basically do not understand how it thrilled with the desire to do to someone with love.

Two forms of asexuality

Some call them fools, some people of the future. Meanwhile, it is a fact: asexuals — not aliens — they live among us. Some experts are convinced that by the number of them, no less than homosexuals. According to the publication Independent, about one percent of the world's population admit that they have no sex drive.

In the book, which in October 2012 will be published in the UK, claims that such people should be recognized as the fourth sexual orientation — asexuals. Author Professor Anthony Bogaert says that more and more people consider themselves in that category. He defines asexuality as a complete lack of sexual desire. "There are two forms of asexuality: people who want to have sex, but do not send it to the desire of others, and people who do not feel the need for sex," — says the professor.

The term "asexuality" became popular in 2001 when David Jay launched a website asexuals Aven. Now it registered 50 thousand people around the world. Asexuals community consists of people who call themselves geteroromantikami experiencing romantic feelings for the opposite sex without sexual desire, gomoromantikami experiencing romantic feelings for the same sex, and biromantikami.

Family: no kisses, no hugs

They are able to experience deep emotions, affection and spiritual closeness. Asexuals fall in love, but do not want to carnal love. Case, according to concede sexual "harassment" partner, "you want to, well, well, so be it …".

Some marry and marry only "eyewash", creating the illusion of social well-being, so no one bothered with questions.

Recently asexuals find each other on specialized websites. Meet, fall in love, get married. It's all as humans. But often no kisses, no hugs just are not necessary. Some decide to adopt a child, some in the future plan to have children, resorting to surrogate motherhood.

If we believe the revelations, these people are really happy, as found "his own kind" and no words to understand each other. Live in peace and harmony. As one satirist: "… my wife is complete harmony: she did not want to, but I did not need!"

Look professional

What is aseksualizm: pathology or "new normal," said MedPulse for doctor-sexologist Dmitry villi.

— No wonder there is the concept of "sexual health" as the degree of adaptation to the best sexual partner. To be "sexy" is definitely good! But not in the sense of right and necessary, and in a sense — is natural and is worth it! Talk can be infinite, but it's better just to experience full of love-sex.

What are the "dividend"?

— People often ask me, — said Dr. Vorsin — Does having sex any good? Can I get away "dividends"? Of course! In fact, a "primitive" physiological level — is a healthy excitement breakthrough vitality, increase efficiency and activity …

On a psychological level "seksual" experiencing pleasure, a sense of unity with a loved one — just happiness. The social environment is the use of sex is manifested in strong family ties, and social stability. To promote culture sexuality was and is "base" of inspiration and creativity.

Everyone chooses …

— So, asexuals pass by his own happiness. So what to do: to treat or "let live"? Definitely not answer because "reason" to be some asexuals.

First of all, it can be a moral choice of the person. If it is the way to high-end deliberately routed through asceticism, can only stand back, respecting the right of choice. The main thing that has not acquired such asexuality aggressive, denying others the possibility of "wallow in earthly passions" to enjoy love and sex.

And I, behold, Fashion!

— It is likely, continues D. Vorsin — that asexuality — alternative subculture, fashion … Sometimes, the desire to stand out and be original so great that the plant "in the most wilderness." But sooner or later the fashion changed. Adepts asexual flow, of course, will remain, and will scatter impersonators imitate something else.

Only with no hands!

— There are people for whom asexuality — a form of social protest. They make antisexual revolution (in peak sexual 60s of the 20th century). Its purpose — social equality of the sexes.

At a time when the collapse stereotypes of femininity and masculinity, is a shift in the system of marriage (increasing number of single people and cohabiting), called the "conjugal duty" is perceived by some as a veiled form of sexual exploitation, violence against the person.

So the best way for women to claim their rights — to learn to talk sex "No". And man, this slogan will help to maintain good relations with "colleagues" in the marriage contract.


— Technologization society and extreme individualism again lead to asexuality. Today, virtual reality replaces the unpredictable life of young people.

Living online, virtual sex, the same feelings are familiar, accessible, and, most importantly, safe. Real sexual relationships are alarming uncertainty. Better to stay in the "network" than in bed. But this is only a substitute, an illusion …

Again, a fertile ground for aseksualizma — gaining pace in the world of individualism. Notice a people more focused on myself: my career, my success, my prosperity, my interests. A partner and build a lasting relationship with him distract from this interesting class — simply do not fit into this lifestyle.

No sex — no problem!

— Asexuality may be the result of psychological problems, the manifestation of defense mechanisms.

Experience failed relationships with the opposite sex (personal complexes that prevent build a sexual relationship, rapes, conflicts within the family, etc.) may include psychological defense — avoidance or denial. In general, "there is no sex — no problem!" The real cause of this is usually not recognized. It requires psychotherapeutic help.

"Strangled" instinct

— Finally, in puberty, a person may be impaired formation of sexual desire. It is possible that in this sensitive "moment" of the parents, the method repressive upbringing, violating the logic of the adolescent psychosexual development. If growing person all the time "drive system," it is possible that after sex he would not be necessary.

Maybe … repression of sexuality by organic disease (hormonal disorders, intoxication, brain injuries, physical illness). This is the private health issues.

What to do?

— So, consider asexuality pathology, disease can only be in certain cases. Each of them is different, but if a person wants to change something, everything is real.

Someone from asexuals simply solve the problem of sociability and personal complexes. Someone needs medical treatment …

I think, he concluded sexologist D. Vorsin — asexuals have always been, just now they openly declared themselves. Well, it is people and their opinion should be considered. Need help or not — it's up to them. Violently because in happiness no zatyanesh!

Vadim Kirillov

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