Astronaut from Tikal

Alien astronaut wore a suit of "soft type" (it refers to the American astronauts and space suit). Vnezemlyanina on the head — a soft liner. The rising transparent visor was attached (snap-on) is obviously a lock.

The back of the helmet visible plugs to connect the antenna. Another group of plug is placed on the lower back of the astronaut helmet. Exactly the location of "bundles quetzal bird feathers," we've seen on the bas-relief of the above analyzed Chichen Itza. But on the image "flamboyantly dressed warriors" have feathers antennas, and in bas-relief of Tikal "feathers" are not connected to the suit, because the astronaut, apparently, is in the cabin.

Unequivocally recognized radionaushnikov on the helmet with a let cord to it. Right next to the headset on the left — the electrical connector stub to the console on the astronaut's chest. He Mayan tradition of artists represented by a human skull (dead talking head). And what's more, according to the Indians, could be something rounded, devoid of meat and skin, periodically clicking the "teeth" and then (oh, miracle!) Talks quiet human voice?

Witness the miracle, of course, had no idea that the voice sounds did not come out of this connector, and from it located right next to the "earrings" radionaushnikov.

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