At Armavir armored repair plant launched a new line of domestic production

January 13 Krasnodar region

Completed commissioning and put into operation Automatic cadmium plating and galvanizing line at Armavir armored repair plant.

The line is produced domestically. Development, production and implementation of a domestic company engaged in "RIA cayns» (

Line in the work can be seen on this video:

Help line on the developer:
The company "RIA cayns" was founded in 2001 and specializes in the design, manufacture and deployment of devices and industrial automation systems at the facilities of the national economy.

The priorities of the company are:
— The control and accounting of oil and gas on the basis of modern ultrasound technology.
— The creation of autonomous sources of oil and gas supply line consumers.

The close cooperation with operators, the study of the intricacies of the process can create products best adapted to the real conditions of exploitation.

Created and produced in series:
-Level recorder, "Rubin-1M"
-Node custody based on ultrasonic flowmeter «Controllotron»
-Control and accounting system debits oil and gas wells "Sputnik"

The presence in the structure of experimental design bureau with a highly qualified team of developers, equipped with modern testing equipment, allows them to be and to prepare for the release of goods of third parties on request as soon as possible.

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