At Mount Kudykinoy

June 17, 2012 10:16

Residents of the Lipetsk region can send you to Kudykinu mountain, and it will not be a mockery. Such a place actually exists, and according to ancient legend, is restored by the Russian heroes.

Here lies the Stone of Fertility, touching which, they say, a man can increase his strength, and the woman — soon to give birth.

Tomatoes are not steal, but on the slopes of grazing animals from all parts of the world, and on the banks of the Don is a fortress — the city of artists. Craftsmen from all around ready to go and see here to show tricks of the trade: potters, tailors, blacksmiths — are all here.

This magical place Kudykina mountain. Rest here three heroes, true metal. Here's Ilya Muromets for happiness in a spoon enclose coins. Hope there is a lake, a garden with rejuvenating apples, a source of wisdom and wise house.

Far away — it's not about Kudykinu mountain. Fairy tale about a magical place begins with specific coordinates: 52 degrees north, 39 degrees east.

Report Olga Chernova, NTV

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