At the biogas plant in Belgorod region developed the first electric power

At the biogas plant in the village of Lucky Prokhorovsky District Belgorodckoy area received its first alternative energy, which went on general electric network in the region.

Production process at the BGS launched in late March, when a fermenter tanks were loaded wastes of GC "Agro-Belogorie" and began a gradual warm-up set to the desired temperature 37-38 degrees. To date, the plant has produced 250 cubic meters of biogas per hour.

According to an employee of biogas plants Ilya Meilakh, the first biogas facility was developed by June 15 of the cattle manure. Gradually, the proportion of methane in it has grown from the original 25 to 60%, and in the future this figure will only grow. The number depends on the composition of biogas substrates and content of organic substances, so as raw materials used silage production meat processing wastes.

Biogas plant (BGS) capacity of 2.4 MW built by "AltEnergo." In the year facility will process about 75,000 tons of raw materials, while developing 18,900,000 kWh of electricity and 18.2 thousand Gcal of heat energy, and more than 66.8 tons of highly organic fertilizers.

Biowaste plant and animal origin to the BGS utilized by anaerobic microorganisms, resulting in formation of biogas and liquid fertilizer that can be directly applied to the soil, improving its fertility and completely or partially replace traditional mineral and organic fertilizers.

After the fermentation process (anaerobic digestion) via gas cooling and cleaning the block enters the CHP, where electricity is produced. In the year of biogas plant in Luchkay will give the network about 19 million kWh of electricity.

According to experts, the widespread use of BGS in agriculture is able to solve the problem of disposal of animal waste and improve environmental safety of the atmosphere and land.

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