At the center of our galaxy discovered huge star

October 29, 2011 15:47

National Aeronautics and Space Research reported that the proximity to the center of our galaxy, they found several dozen large, bright stars. Found star is larger than the sun in the 30 — 50 times, in addition, light is much brighter than a 100 thousand times.

This discovery is very surprising experts of this sector: in the heart of the Milky Way is a huge black hole, and up to the present it has been assumed that with her can not be no heaven or space object. Usually the celestial bodies that are close to black holes, falling into them disappear.

Huge stars detected by the use of X-ray telescope from the American manufacturer Chandra. They are located at 9.5 billion miles from the center of the galaxy, and the Earth is at a distance of about 26 thousand light years from the black hole. It is believed that these large-size star will supernova, and then explode. As a result of this explosion happens gravitational contraction, and they will be relatively small black holes.

It is known that any matter and stars including fades, getting into the gravitational field of the hole. This finding indicates that the gas cloud-shaped disks that rotate at a distance from the black hole, only contribute to the formation of stars. Scientists wishing to study detected stars, it is believed that in the immediate vicinity of the black hole can be a kind of a ring, which can be freely coexist various heavenly celestial bodies.

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