At the city line Osinniki (Kemerovo region). Came two new tram local assembly

Passenger cars are assembled on the basis of Prokopievsky tram enterprise using kits manufactured in Belarus. Trams purchased under long-term target of the regional program "Optimization of transport and communications in the Kemerovo region" for 2012-2014 for co-financing of regional and local budgets. The total cost was about 16 million rubles.
The advantage of local assembly are obvious — the cost of each car was about eight million rubles., The price of a tram from other factory — is 14 million rubles.

The new trams have in their arsenal windshield, modern and efficient heating and ventilation systems, mirrors and heated anti-reflective coating, high corrosion resistance of the body. They have a 30% lower power consumption than the old trams. Also trams are equipped with the most advanced control traction motors.
"A substantial budget savings, the creation of new jobs, getting economical model tram — it's obvious advantages governor's program to modernize the tram fleet. The new production could solve the issue of renovation of rolling stock and improve the quality of service at a significant savings in the budget area. Tram company new cars will reduce the cost of repair and maintenance of rolling stock "- said S.V.Karpunkin.

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