At the station, the Olympic Park launched the final finishing

Thermal circuit Station Olympic Park in Sochi closed: the total area of the roofing of the main building was 35,000 square meters. m, the glass area exceeds 3,000 square meters. m Builders started the next stage — finishing interior decoration, exterior design and landscaping.

Station was built on the edge of the six-meter ledge of natural origin and is a multilevel building up to a maximum height of 6 floors 33 m Railway Station Square is organized in two levels: the upper is designed for pedestrians, the bottom — for transport. The internal space is designed in the form of terraces and ledges with three main types of levels: the ground has platforms and pedestrian area, above — a restaurant on konkorsnoy of the station, over the railway tracks — the main rooms for the passengers and the waiting room.

"While working on the interiors of the station, we set ourselves the goal is to combine the most sophisticated space, to create a whole image — said Eugene Kupcov, architect architectural studio" Studio 44 ", St. Petersburg, authors of the project which has created the Olympic Park Station. — The main atrium space areas for passengers, in fact, is not limited to the walls and ceiling, as their role is fulfilled by a solid stained-glass windows and large to clerestory mounted on the central axis of the roof. The interior decor is dominated by natural materials, soothing shades of light gray granite tiles and granite, travertine (tufa) of warm sand tone. Against this background, clearly distinguished tactile strip, intended to guide the blind and visually impaired people. Deep black stripes, which are part of the floor covering, doing their direct function and add dramatically to the surrounding area, making it more graphically. Steel structures are left open roof and painted in a light gray color. Thus, the beams are not only the main structural component of the building, but also an important part of the design space, forming the main space and making a "steel" note in the shape of the train station. "

Platform, the main stairway, station square, pedestrian tunnel and other functional blocks railway station made in accordance with the overall visual concept. Currently finishing work is carried out in all areas of construction. In total, will put more than 22,000 square meters. m paving slabs, perform finishing ceramic tiles and porcelain wall and floor area of 15,000 square meters. m oblitsevat granite over 2,200 square meters. m stairs and over 1,800 square meters. m wall — travertine.
On the main staircase, which is already finished granite cladding, prepared monolithic base for the fountain complex. As planned by the architects, the water will fill the sloping bowl in the top of the stairs and cascade down the ledges.

Finishing work on the Olympic Park station will be completed in the summer of 2013.

Olympic Park Station — the main transport gateway coastal cluster, where all the ice arenas, a stadium of the Olympic Games, the main media center, the Olympic Village and a variety of social objects. In the station complex with a total area of about 18,000 square meters. m at the same time can accommodate 1,300 passengers, the capacity plant will be 8,500 people per hour.

The facility is being built to order DKRS-Sochi JSC "Russian Railways", the general contractor — MC "Transugstroy" contractor — NGO "Mostovik".

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