At VACO tested AN-148 for Defense

Voronezh Aircraft Plant (VASO) tested the first An-148, collected under contract with the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday, September 30, the company.

The agreement with the Russian military department signed a UAC (which includes VASO) in May 2013. The document provides for the 2013 — 2017 years the delivery of 15 aircraft An-148. Four of them have to get off the stocks of the Voronezh aircraft factory in 2014. The total amount of the contract was 18 billion rubles.
"The aircraft, tail number 61718 after the entire complex castings land was first raised in the air at the factory airfield Sept. 12, 2013," — said in a statement, according to RIA Novosti. At the moment, made six flights during which evaluated the operation of all aircraft systems.
Now the first phase of the test program is complete. In the next phase, scheduled for early October, the car will be judged by the customer.

As the VACO, this aircraft is the fourth built by the factory in 2013. It has a passenger configuration of economy class for 75 people. Before the year is planned to build two An-148, one of them — under a contract with the Ministry of Defence, the second — for the FSB. The portfolio of orders VASO now has 16 regional aircraft An-148.

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