Austria: mystical forests gorilla appeared Austria!




Mystical gorilla tayaschayasya in the bushes and the sudden appearance of a scary old, showed up in the Austrian forest. Terrible beast literally terrorized the local pensioners, each time bringing them almost to a heart attack.

Austrian police are hunting for an unknown attacker who recently terrorizing elderly residents in the district towns of San Margaret Rust and Ogg. "The Joker" fun in that, dressed in a gorilla costume, scare the elderly poor, suddenly jumping out of the bushes on narrow rural footpaths.

The police have, at least, ten evidence of its occurrence, and the tales of mystical gorilla is not on the lips of the locals.

"This man can not be normal. It must be absolutely insane," — says 68-year-old Gunther Selinger, who became one of the victims "gorilla." "In fact, it's horrible when suddenly jumps out in front of you is a monster," — said another witness, also retired. According to many, it's the tricks of local teenagers who incite each other to change into a gorilla and scare people.

It is noteworthy that the "gorilla" goes hunting only on cool days, showing thus a larger share of reason — contrary to the opinion of the craziness of the one who hides under the skin. After a sunny day in a wool "suit" must be very hot, says Ananova.

Battery News, 29.11.2004 15:08
Source: "Safari Expedition"

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